A description of the empire of China and Chinese-Tartary (London,1738-1741) was compiled from the accounts and surveys (both published and unpublished) of twenty-seven Jesuit missionaries by fellow Jesuit Jean-Baptiste Du Halde(1674-1743). The work  was the most comprehensive survey of China yet printed. It contains information on Chinese political institutions, education, language, medicine, science, customs and artefacts. Its 43 maps were derived from a triangulated survey carried out by French Jesuits at the behest of the Emperor Kang Hsi. The book established the orthographic conventions by which Chinese would be represented in English until relatively recently. Du Halde also included in the book the first account available in Europe of how to manufacture Chinese porcelain.

Du Halde Porcelain

This image of  porcelain vessels appears in Desseins des edifices, meubles, habits, machines, et ustenciles des Chinois by William Chambers, published in French in London in 1757.