Victoria Denham

DORE, Gustave. Milton’s Paradise Lost, Illustrated by Gustave Dore(London, 1882)

These images are engravings commissioned by Gustave Dore for the book. Published in 1882, the book contains notes on the life of Milton by Robert Vaughn, D.D. There are fifty illustrations in total. Each image was a copper plate created by Dore. The book itself was published by Cassell, Petter, Gaplin & Co, Belle Sauvage Works, London in 1882.

Him the Almighty Power hurdled headlong flaming from the ethereal sky

Book I, lines 44, 45


This image depicts the war in heaven with rebellious angels who took arms against god being cast out of by the divine army. The angels have feathered wings and most are wearing armour and carrying a shield or weapon. God’s army flies below a divine light as they cast the fallen from heaven. Each of the defeated angels is angled headfirst into their fall. Several who have fallen the farthest are naked and missing their wings as a sign of their lost angelic status. 

With head, hands, wings, or feet, pursues his way, and swims, or sinks, or wades, or creeps, or flies


Book II, lines 949, 950

In this image, Lucifer leans against a stone outcrop. After agreeing to undertake the task of discovering God’s truth and if the prophesy of a new world is fulfilled, Satan is travelling to find it. Here he is resting; sagging against a rocky outcrop on what appears to be a mountain.

Now with storming fury rose, and clamour, such as heard in heaven till now was never.

Book VI, lines 207-209


This image depicts another view of the war against Lucifer in heaven. The Angel Raphael is describing the war in heaven at the request of Adam. In the picture Lucifer, now referred to as Satan, and his forces are fighting the angels. Satan’s army are now depicted with demonic, bat-like wings, whereas in Image 1 they had feathered wings.


Victoria Denham