Planche XXV

houel plate 25

This illustration was made in late June. Hoüel offers a very accurate description of a group of men dedicated to the preservation of anchovies. Two of them take off the anchovies’ heads with their thumbnail and make a pile. Two other men put a bed of salt into a barrel and throw the headless fish inside; then they put a layer of salt, and so on, until the barrel is full. In few days, the fish will have taken all the salt and the whole mass decreased so that the barrel can be shut and sold.

Anchovies and sardines remain the basis of commerce in Sciacca and this technique of salting anchovies is still in use today1.

Sciacca had the so-called Caricatore privilege (loading privilege), which meant that goods such as food, seeds and vegetables destined to foreign countries regularly embarked there. Located around this small harbour were large warehouses carved into the rock where grains could be stored for a long time.


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