New Testament (1522)

New Testament. Greek & Latin. Novum Testamentum omne, tertio iam ac diligentius ab Erasmo Roerodamo recognitum...

(Basle: Johann Froben, 1522)

ErasmusNT Froben

It is to Erasmus that we owe the first appearance in print of the New Testament in the original Greek (Basle:Froben, 1516). Inspired initially by the discovery of Lorenzo Valla’s notes on three Greek manuscripts of the New Testament, Erasmus set about editing the Greek version which later influenced the translation of both Luther and Tyndale.

Erasmus’s editorial methods are somewhat less comprehensive than those adopted by the team contemporaneously producing the great Complutensian Polyglot Bible at the inspiration of Cardinal Ximenes. Nevertheless Erasmus’s version was the first, it was scholarly, and its influence supreme. The publishing house of Froben at Basle ensured that its typographical garb was distinguished. The edition shown here is that of 1522.