Roman Catholic Church Missal (1499)

Roman Catholic Church. Missals. Breslau.

(Missale Vratislaviense. Mainz: Peter Schoeffer, 1499)


This Bratislava Missal has, apart from being printed in Mainz (the cradle of printing), further significance in that it was printed by Peter Schoeffer, Gutenberg’s associate in the printing of the Gutenberg or Mazarin Bible, c. 1455. It is thought that a number of the original Gutenberg Bible ‘Textura’ metal types were used by Schoeffer in his later Missals and possibly this one.

Latterly belonging to the library of Dr. Georg Kloss, the volume, on the evidence of a long fly-leaf inscription, reveals an earlier provenance of note; it was left to the Church of the B.V.B at Glogau, near Breslau, by Vincency Irgangk, who died on 23 September 1506. (The rear cover design incorporates the colophon and printer’s device printed in red ink as in the original. Used first by Schoeffer in his 1462 Bible, the printer’s device is the first ever used.)