f64.  This page contains a textual omission in Deuteronomy Chapter 11 verse 31, where the word 'possideatis' occurs twice in one sentence and the scribe's eye has skipped from the first to the second, missing out the text that came in between.  He has added the missing words in a triangular box in the left margin and has decorated it with pen-flourishing.  A cross-reference mark in the shape of a letter 'y' at the top of the triangle and in the text itself indicates where the omission should fit.   This is the most common type of scribal error and an indication that G. de Fécamp, despite his elegant script, was not immune to mistakes. A technical term for this kind of error is 'homoioteleuton'.  Below the omission triangle a later (15th century ?) hand has added a comment in a heavily abbreviated cursive script.


This exhibition was very kindly prepared by Prof. M. Alison Stones Ph.D., F.S.A., Dept of History of Art and Architecture, University of Pittsburgh.