f. 325v Jonah: initial E, Jonah cast overboard into the jaws of a whale by 2 men wearing long pointed hoods.  This is a particularly playful image where the artist offers a symmetrical presentation emphasized by the long pointed hoods of the two torturers of Jonah, matched by the hare-like faces on the prow and stern of the boat, whose tall central mast topped by a pennant with a cross and four crosslets drawn in black on white. 

The white sail is drawn back around the two hooded figures who hold up Jonah by his feet.  He is clad only in white underwear and his head and arms have already disappeared into the jaws of the whale. The related bibles Huth f. 167 and Arles I f. 398v show Jonah cradled in the jaws of the whale with the city of Nineveh above, while Sotheby's f. 358v depicts Jonah emerging from the whale at Nineveh.