Petrus de Capua. Distinctiones Theologicae. England, 13th.

Petrus de Capua. Distinctiones Theologicae. England, 13th.

This is the infamous ‘Monk’s Blood’ manuscript shown to author George Borrow on his visit to the College of St David in 1854 and described by him in chapter 95 of Wild Wales (1862): “The grand curiosity is a manuscript which once belonged to the monks of Bangor Is Coed. It bears the marks of blood with which it was sprinkled when the monks were massacred by the heathen Saxons…”. Fortunately the story is untrue. Although it is our oldest (identified) manuscript, and has been assigned to the early thirteenth century, the massacre of the monks at Bangor Is Coed took place about 615. TheDistinctiones is part of a larger work of short treatises on theological subjects.