Roman Catholic Church

Roman Catholic Church . Missale Vratislaviense. Mainz, 1499.

Roman Catholic Church . Missale Vratislaviense. Mainz, 1499.

Peter Schöffer was a manuscript copyist from Mainz who by 1455 was the principal workman of Johannes Gutenberg, the inventor of mechanical printing.  Schöffer worked with Gutenberg on his celebrated 42-line bible and afterwards went into business on his own, introducing many technical innovations such as the use of coloured inks in printed initials, as can be seen here. This imposing missal was printed for the use of the church in Breslau, now Wroclaw, and was bequeathed in 1506 to the church of the Blessed Virgin Mary at Glogau, near Breslau, by Vincency Irganck. It was purchased for Lampeter by Thomas Phillips at the sale of the well-known German book collector Georg Kloss in 1835.