Ulrich Tengler. Der neue Layenspiegel. Strassburg, 1527.

Ulrich Tengler. Der neue Layenspiegel. Strassburg, 1527.

Ulrich Tengler (143?-1511) was a tax collector and bailiff of Höchstädt in Bavaria. He intended the Layenspiegel as a practical guide for scholars who had not received the expensive training of a scribe, lawyer, procurator, notary, or orator, but who were nonetheless active in the field of law. It summarized all relevant writings on civil law, penal law, and public law, drawn from standard legal texts, Aristotle, the Bible, and common law sources. The work was edited and published by the great humanist author Sebastian Brant (1457-1521). During the sixteenth-century, fourteen editions were published. After Tengler's death in 1511, a revised version appeared as Der neue Layenspiegel.