Alexander Oliver Exquemelin

Alexander Oliver Exquemelin. Bucaniers of America. London, 1684.

Alexander Oliver Exquemelin. Bucaniers of America. London, 1684.

This is the first edition in English of the classic account of pirates written by Alexandre Olivier Exquemelin (c 1645-1707), himself a buccaneer. In 1666 Exquemelin  was engaged by the French West India Company and went to Tortuga, where he stayed for three years.

There he enlisted with the buccaneers, in particular with the band of Welsh Admiral and privateer Henry Morgan (1635-1688) probably as a barber-surgeon, and remained with them until 1674. First issued in Dutch in 1678, this translation was based on a Spanish edition of 1681. Exquemelin honoured Morgan with a portrait and a view of his destruction of the Spanish fleet. Nevertheless, Morgan sued for libel and won. He was awarded £200.