Andres Ferrer de Valdecebro

Andres Ferrer de Valdecebro . Govierno general, moral, y politico. Barcelona, 1696.

Andres Ferrer de Valdecebro . Govierno general, moral, y politico. Barcelona, 1696.

Ferrer de Valdecebro (1620 - 1680) was a renowned Dominican teacher in the Mexican city of Puebla who returned to Madrid after many years of service. In Spain he accepted a papal appointment and became confessor to the royal children. Valdecebro's Govierno general  enjoyed the usual enthusiastic reception in Spain of emblematic publications with spiritual and moral connotations.

In this Barcelona edition the text is beautifully complemented by vivacious wood engravings, apparently by a Catalan artist.  The book is a mix of bestiary and moral guidance. Descriptions of the habitat, nature and qualities of each animal are accompanied by descriptions' of their qualities. There are references to the New World, particularly in the chapters on the unicorn, with particular emphasis on Peru.