Girard Thibault

Girard Thibault. Academie de l'espée. Leiden, Elzevier, 1630.

Girard Thibault.  Academie de l'espée. Leiden, Elzevier, 1630.

Girard Thibault d'Anvers (1574–1629) was a Dutch fencing master and author of this manual of swordsmanship. It is a monument to baroque illustration to which many of the best Dutch and Flemish engravers contributed, though it is curious that the name of the artist responsible for the original drawings is unknown. Familiarity with horsemanship, fencing and duelling was necessary for the well-born gentleman of the seventeenth-century, as this book’s huge size and enormous cost indicates. Despite its frontispiece which lists the publication date as 1628, it was not actually published until 1630, a year after Thibault's death.