PLATO, Complete Works, tr. and ed. Iohannes Serranus ([Geneva], 1578)

(Provenance: Thomas Phillips, 1840)

This is the edition of Plato according to whose pagination the works of Plato have been cited ever since. The printer, Henricus Stephanus (Henri Etienne), also did a certain amount of editing of the text, but it is clear from the title page that Serranus was responsible for most of the editorial work.

The work opens with a short address, dated at Lausanne October 1577, to Queen Elizabeth I, 'Serenissima Regina D[omina] Elizabetha, Angliae, Franciae, Hibemiaeq[ ue] &c. Regina Potentissima, Vere Regiis Virtutibus Illustriss[ima], Pia, Felix, semper Augusta'. There follow two addresses to the reader, a short one by Stephanus and a longer one by Serranus, an extract on Plato from AUGUSTINE, City of God VIII, 4, and six Greek and Six Latin epigrams on Plato and Serranus' edition, with Serranus' name appearing in all but one of them. The contents page which comes next covers all the three volumes which make up the entire work.

Volume I contains the first three 'Syzygia' - the first consisting of Euthyphro, Apologia Socratis, Crito and Phaedo, the second of Theages, Amatores, Theaetetus, Sophista, Euthydemus and Hippias [Minor), and the third of Cratylus, Gorgias and 10.