Maier, 1617

A contemporary portrait of Michael Maier. (Maier, 1617) Although King James condemned Dark Magic he regarded some occult practices as legitimate and must certainly have approved of alchemy because he invited Michael Maier to his court for consultation - Maier stayed five years.

James perhaps shared the opinion of Giambattista della Porta who wrote that “Magick is nothing else but the knowledge of the whole course of Nature. ...It openeth unto us the properties and qualities of hidden things....” (Natural Magick, 1658). This is the approach taken at Hogwarts where Harry is taught respect for the environment and, Ray Mears style, how to survive in it. Of course unlike Harry Potter, Ray Mears has probably never had to do battle with a Basilisk.

Gesner, 1575

An illustration of a Basilisk. (Gesner, 1575). There was a sustained attack on Hogwarts by Basilisks in 1992-93.

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