Hyginus, 1589

The Poeticon Astronomicon compiled by Caius Julius Hyginus contains the first printed illustrations of the allegorical figures of the constellations and planets. (Hyginus, 1589)

Herbology classes at Hogwarts are compulsory, as are the classes in Divination (predicting the future) taught by the centaur Firenze. Famous seers are included in the Famous Wizards cards traded at Hogwarts. The RBLA equivalent to the cards are the portraits of famous seers that illustrate the seventeenth-century book Magic and Divination written by antiquarian scholar Jean Jacques Boissard. Boissard worked in Rome for Cardinal Caraffa (1430-1511), the person responsible for ordering fig-leaves to be painted on the naked figures of Michelangelo’s  Last Judgement.

Nostradamus, 1672

The most famous seer of all time is of course Nostradamus who hit the big-time in 1555 with the publication in French of Les Prophecies. This illustration is from the first English translation, published in 1672. (Garencieres, 1672)

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