Landseer, 1831

The Devil's Walk (Landseer, 1831)

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Anon. The true and wonderful relation of the dreadful fighting and groans that were heard and seen in the ayr, on the fifteenth of this instant January, in Carmarthen, in South-Wales, by Mr. Henry Lewys, and his whole family;  and by many hundreds more the night following. The truth of this relation will be attested by me, William Sanders, lodging at one Mr. Jones his house, in Princes-Street, near Clare-Market; and other credible witnesses, if need require. [London] : Printed for W.T. and J.C. in Duck-Lane, 1681.

Bartholin, Thomas. Thomæ Bartholini De unicornu observationes novæ. Secunda editione auctiores & emendatiores editæ à filio Casparo Bartholino. Amstelædami :  apud JHenr. Wetstenium,  MDCLXXVIII. Presented by Thomas Phillips 1840.

Calmet, Augustin. Dictionaire historique, critique, chronologique, geographique et litteral de la Bible :  enrichi d'un grand nombre de figures en taille-douce, ... par le Reverend Pere Dom Augustin Calmet ... A Paris :  chez Emery, père; Emery, fils; Saugrain, l'aîné; Pierre Martin,  1722. Presented by Thomas Phillips, 1849.

Del Rio, Martin Antoine. Disqvisitionvm magicarvm libri sex :  in tres tomus partiti Auctore Martino Delrio. Nvnc secvndis cvris avctior longè, additionibus multis passim insertis: correctio quoque mendis sublatis. Mogvntiae : apud I. Albinvm,  M.D.CIII. Presented by Thomas Phillips 1842.

Fludd, Robert. Sophiae cum moria certamen, in quo, lapis a falso structore, Fr. Marino Mersenno, monacho, reprobatus, celeberrima voluminis sui Babylonici (in Genesin) figmenta accurate examinat : Summum bonum ... in dictarum scientiarum laudem, & insignis calumniatoris fratris Marini Mersenni dedecus publicatum . [Frankfurt], 1629. Presented by Thomas Phillips, 1838.

Gesner, Konrad. Fischbuch : das ist ein kurtze, doch vollkommne beschreybung aller Fischen so in dem Meer unnd süssen wasseren Seen, flüssen oder anderen Bächen ir wonung habend  Erstlich in Latin durch den hochgeleerten und natürlicher künsten wolerfarnen herren D. Cunradt Gässner beschriben ; yetz neüwlich aber durch D. Cunradt Forer zu grösserem nutz allen liebhaberen der künsten in das Teütsch gebracht. Zürych :  Christoffel Froschower, 1575. Presented by Thomas Phillips, 1849.

Giraldus, Cambrensis. The itinerary of Archbishop Baldwin through Wales, A.D. MCLXXXVIII . By Giraldus de Barri ; translated into English, and illustrated with views, annotations, and a life of Giraldus, by Sir Richard Colt Hoare, Bart. London : Printed for W. Miller by W. Bulmer,1806. Donatated by Thomas Burgess.

Glanvill, Joseph. Saducismus triumphatus; or, Full and plain evidence concerning witches and apparitions : In two parts.  The first treating of their possibility, the second of their real existence ...  With a letter of Dr. Henry More on the same subject.  And an authentick, but wonderful story of certain Swedish witches done into English by Anth. Horneck. London :  J. Collins, and S. Lowndes,  1681. From the library of Bishop Burgess.

Hermes, Trismegistus. De potestate et sapientia Dei. Treviso :  Gerardus de Lisa, de Flandria,  18 Dec. 1471. Presented by Thomas Phillips, 1838.

Heywood, Thomas. The life of Merlin, sirnamed Ambrosius : His prophesies, and predictions interpreted; and their truth made good by our English annalls. Being a chronographicall history of all the kings, and memorable passages of this kingdome, from Brute to the reigne of our royall soveraigne King Charles. A subject never published in this kind before, and deserves to be knowne and observed by all men. London :  printed by J. Okes, and are to be sold by Jasper Emery in Pauls Church-yard, at the signe of the Eagle and Child, neare St. Austins Gate,  1641.

Hyginus. C. Iuli Hygini Poeticon Astronomicon. In Astronomica veterum scripta isagogica graeca & latina. [Heidelberg] :  In officina Sanctandreana, 1589. Presented by Thomas Phillips 1846.

Jacobus,  de Voragine. Legenda aurea. Westmynster :  wynkyn de worde,  1498. From the library of Bishop Burgess.

James  I,  King of England. The workes of the most high and mightie prince, Iames : by the grace of God, King of Great Britaine, France and Ireland, defender of the faith, &c  Pvblished by Iames, Bishop of Winton, and deane of His Maiesties Chappel Royall. London : Printed by Robert Barker and Iohn Bill, printers to the Kings Most Excellent Maiestie,  1616. Presented by Thomas Phillips, 1846.

Jonstonus, Joannes. Historiae naturalis de quadrupedibus libri. Amstelodami : Schipper,  1657. Presented by Thomas Phillips, 1849

Khunrath, Heinrich. Amphitheatrum sapientiae aeternae solius verae :Christiano-kabalisticum, divino-magicum, nec non physico-chymicum tetriunum, catholicon. [Hanoviae :Guilielmus Antonius, 1609]. Presented by Thomas Phillips,1838.

Kircher, Athanasius. Athanasii Kircheri e Soc. Jesu China monumentis : qvà sacris quà profanis, nec non variis naturæ & artis spectaculis, aliarumque rerum memorabilium argumentis illustrata, auspiciis Leopoldi Primi roman. imper. Amstelodami : apud Joannem Janssonium à Waesberge & Elizeum Weyerstraet,1667. Presented by Thomas Phillips, 1843.

Landseer, Thomas. Ten Etchings Illustrative of The Devil's Walk. London : Published by F.G. Harding,  1831. Presented by Thomas Phillips 1846.

Maier, Michael. Symbola aureae mensae duodecim nationum  Francofurti : Typis Antonij Hummij, impensis Lucae Iennis,  1617.

Morandi, Joannes Baptista. Historia botanica practica, seu, Plantarum, quae ad usum medicinae pertinent, nomenclatura, descriptio, et virtutes, cum ab antiquis, tum a recentibus celebrium auctorum scriptis desumptae : opus equitis Joannis Baptistae Morandi Mediolanensis, botanici, galenici, pictoris. Mediolani: Apud Joseph Galeatium,  1761. Presented by Thomas Phillips, 1840.

Nostradamus. The true prophecies or, Prognostications of Michael Nostradamus, physician to Henry II. Francis II. and Charles IX., kings of France, and one of the best astronomers that ever were. A work full of curiosity and learning  Translated and commented by Theophilvs de Garencieres. London :  Printed by T. Ratcliffe, and N. Thompson, and are to be sold by J. Martin [etc.],  1672. Presented by Thomas Phillips 1836.

Odo, de Meung. De viribus herbarum. [Geneva : unassigned press,  c.1498.] Presented by Thomas Phillips 1845.

Pantheo, Giovanni Agostino. Voarchadumia contra alchi'miam :  ars distincta ab archimi'a, & sophia: cum additionibus: proportionibus: numeris: & figuris opportunis. Venetiis,  1530. Presented by Thomas Phillips 1837.

Paracelsus. Der grossen Wundartzney, das erst [-ander] Bùch, des ergründten vnd bewerten, der bayden Artaney, Doctors Paracelsi. Augspurg : Getruckt bey Heynrich Steyner,  M.D.XXXVI-M.D.XXXVII. Presented by Thomas Phillips, 1838

Paré, Ambroise. The works of that famous chirurgeon Ambrose Parey  translated out of Latin, and compared with the French, by Th. Johnson: together with three tractates concerning the veins, arteries, and nerves: exemplified with large anatomical figures translated out of Adrianus Spigelius. London : Printed by Mary Clark, and are to be sold by John Clark,  1678.

Picart, Bernard. The ceremonies and religious customs of the various nations of the known world :  together with historical annotations and several curious discourses equally instructive and entertaining : Written originally in French, and illustrated with a large number of folio copper plates  all beautifully designed by Mr. Bernard Picart, and curiously engraved by most of the best hands in Europe ; Faithfully translated into English by A Gentleman, some time since of St. John's College in Oxford. London :  Printed by William Jackson, 1733-1737. Presented by Thomas Phillips, 1846.

Picart, Bernard. Impostures innocentes ou recueil d'estampes d'apres divers peintres illustres, tels que Rafael, Le Guide, Carlo Maratti, Le Poussin, Rembrandt, &c. Gravées à leur imitation, & selon le gout particulier de chacun d'eux, & accompagnées d'un discours sur les préjugés de certains curieux touchant la gravure  Par Bernard Picart ... avec son eloge historique, et le catalogue de ses ouvrages. Amsterdam : Chez la Veuve de Bernard Picart,  1734. Presented by Thomas Phillips, 1849.

 Pico della Mirandola, Giovanni. Opera omnia Ioannis Pici Mirandvlae concordiaeque comitis. Basileae : [per Heinricvm Petri,  1557]

Schöner, Johann. De iudiciis natiuitatum libri tres scripti à Ioanne Schonero ... ; item Praefatio D. Philippi Melanthonis [sic] in hos de Iudiciis Natiuitatum Ioannis Schoneri libros. Norimbergae [i.e. Nuremberg] :  in officina Ioannis Montani & Vlrici Neuber, 1545. Presented by Thomas Phillips, 1838.

Shakespeare, William. The works of Shakspere  revised from the best authorities ; with a memoir and essay on his genius, by Barry Cornwall ; also, annotations and introductory remarks on the plays by many distinguished writers ; illustrated with engravings on wood, from designs by Kenny Meadows. London: W. S. Orr,  1844.Presented by Thomas Phillips 1849.

Straet, Jan van der. Venationes ferarum, auium, piscium : pugnae bestiariorum & mutuae bestiarum. Depictae a Ioanne Stradano : editae  per Nicolaum Vischer ... [Antuerpiae :  Apud Ioannem Gallaeum,  1630?] Presented by Thomas Phillips, 1846.

Tengler, Ulrich. Der Neü Layenspiegel von rechmässigen ordnungen in burgerlichen vnd peinlichen Regimenten :Mit Addition. Auch der Güldin Bulla Küniglich Reformation, landtfriden. Auch bewärung gemainer recht vn anderm antzaigen. [Colophon: Gedruckt zu Strassburg,  durch Johannem Knobloch, am letsten tag Augusti in Jar der geburt Christi vnsers herrn, MCCCCCXXVii. Presented by Thomas Phillips, 1840.

Trithemius, Johannes. Polygraphiae libri sex . Coloniae :  I. Birckmannum & W. Richwinum,  1564. Presented by Thomas Phillips 1837. 

Valeriano, Pierio. Hieroglyphica, sive De sacris Aegyptiorum literis commentarii  Ioannis Pierii Valeriani Bolzanii Bellunensis. Basileæ : [M. Isengrin], 1556.

Visscher, Claes Janszoon and Visscher, Nicolaes. [An album of Scripture Prints, Amsterdam? 1750?] Presented by Thomas Phillips,1845.

Picart, 1734

The witches sabbat. (Picart after Mazzoli, 1734)

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