Page of a Special Collections book being turned

We can use our distinctive and often unique collections to support a wide range of teaching, for instance in history, English literature, archaeology, history of architecture, history of art, ancient world, anthropology, heritage and religion. Please contact us to arrange a session.

  1. We stock an enormous range of primary source material; using this helps students develop an understanding of the use of original material in research.  It can bring teaching to life for tutors as well as students.   
  2. We provide a wide range of teaching and learning activities and content aimed at staff and students across the University including events, exhibitions, InfoSkills content and social media. As many of our items are fragile, rare and valuable it is not always practicable to transport them away from the controlled conditions they're stored under, however please get in touch to  discuss your needs and we will see what we can do. 
  3. Our reading room provides a good environment for seminars, using materials from our collections. Items can be displayed and, depending on their fragility, often handled by members of the group.  Our staff are happy to give general introductions to the use of the collections; in some cases it may be appropriate for one of us to prepare and deliver undergraduate teaching.
  4. We can help to develop student assignments. We can facilitate a wide range of types of work, (for instance good quality physical or online exhibitions, posters and presentations, as well as essays).  In some cases an academic may want to introduce a topic, for this to be followed up by individual pieces of student work based on our collections.  We have a wealth of material, suitable as subjects for student dissertations.
  5. We can spend time working with individual students.