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The servicing and development of the University’s postgraduate research environment is coordinated by Research, Innovation and Enterprise Services (RIES).

The core RIES team that you will come across in the course of your studies are Dr Matt Briggs, Dr Catriona Ryan and Nicola Powell (our contact details can be found below).  Our colleagues in the Postgraduate Research Office will continue to support you in navigating your way through the University’s administrative process, such as admission, ethics approval, submission and examination.

The RIES team (for research training and support)

Dr Matt Briggs
Executive Research Development Officer
01792 481199 (4282)

Administrative Officer (RIES)
01792 481163

The Postgraduate Research Office (PGRO) team (supervision and administrative queries)

Elizabeth Cook (PGRO)
Administrative and Registry Services Officer
Carmarthen Campus
01267 676785

The Registry (for admissions) 

Julia Davies (Registry)
Admissions Officer
Carmarthen Campus