Postgraduate Interdisciplinary Research Conference

The UWTSD Postgraduate Interdisciplinary Research Conference is an opportunity for all postgraduates to present their research as a 15 minute paper to their peers.  The nature of this conference is interdisciplinary as the panels are constructed under various research themes.

The 2016/17 Conference is confirmed for Wednesday 26th April, Carmarthen Campus.

A call for papers and further details will be issued in due course.  Please keep an look out for the email and check back soon.


A panel may consist of students from different subject backgrounds exploring a common theme.  The conference is a wonderful opportunity to network and form possible collaborations with students from different disciplines.  It is  a great opportunity to enhance your own research as well as gaining valuable experience in presenting a paper at a conference.  Transport is organised from all the campuses to this conference and remote participation is available via Skype for Business and livestreaming.  In 2016 the conference had a large attendance of up to 50 students and this  included distance students who presented papers from abroad via Skype. 

The 2015/16 conference

The 2015/16 event was organised around 5 themed panels with 25 papers:

  • Memory
  • Advances in Technology
  • Environment
  • Identity
  • Justice and Community
  • New Directions

Here is a presentation at the 2016 conference:

Papers were given by:

  • Andrew Hobden. Mind Within, Mind Without: Space & the Mind-Body- Space Continuum
  • Julia Lewis. Humans, Tigers, Trees Oh My! Reflections on being a poet in Residence to the Archaeology Dept
  • Myron Westmoreland. The theory of evil
  • Mara Steenhuisen. Capturing the relationship between heaven and earth in the digital imaging of orbs: an investigation of their contemporary phenomenal occurrence
  • Malek Kashkara. How just are Refugees chances of integration in the UK
  • Gwenllion Beynon. “Murlun y Bont”. - Mural project
  • Mark Stephenson. Higher street: Not just decoration
  • Sofia Bianchi Mancini. Lysias: Honour, shame and justice in On the murder of Eratosthenes
  • Dolly Yang. A New Direction in Medical Practice: The Formalisation of Therapeutic Exercises in 7th Century China
  • Alyson Greening. Photography, origami and the nature of truth
  • Payal Sood. The development and evaluation of a positive emotion coping intervention for parents of children with neurodevelopmental conditions.
  • Rebecca Louise Burton. The Selfie and the self
  • Gerald Thomas. Identity
  • Lianne Potter. Greenwashing: The performance of sustainability
  • Jason & Becky. The city as theme park
  • Judith Oakley. Harbour Porpoise Phocoena phocoena group size and seasonal distribution in south-west Wales, UK.
  • Michael T. Bradley, Jr. “A Temple of Sacred Memories”: The Emplacement of the Lost Cause at Stone Mountain
  • Graham Allen. Hourcoin: An evaluation of a cryptocurrency designed for social change and active citizenship
  • Jessica Pitman. Capturing Capital: Exploring identity capital (IC) from the perspective of parents who attend parenting groups in Flying Start areas
  • Tim Heyer The impact of learned ‘ideal’ expectations on quality evaluation
  • Henri Kouam Tamto. An investigation into the ways in which access to finance and inherently chosen capital structures affect start-up profitability.
  • Josephine Lawal. The impact of social media marketing on customer retention: the case of London clothing companies
  • Rhian Pole. Creating better online learning environments
  • Anupam Mazumdar. The adoption of cloud computing in the SMEs: An exploration of the factors affecting the option of cloud computing in SMEs in Banglades