The Postgraduate Research Festival

The Postgraduate Research Festival is a 5 day event that takes place on the Lampeter Campus in July. The festival is designed to enhance student engagement.

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The main focus of the festival are daily workshops which focus on generic area of research development. These workshops are followed by faculty-specific breakout sessions which cover the topic of the previous workshop in the context of the particular subject area. As well as these sessions we also have library twilight sessions that take place in the evening which focuses on different areas related to data management.  

The Postgraduate Research Festival

The 2016-17 event is confirmed for 17th - 21st July, Lampeter Campus.

Further details, costs and an online booking form will be available early 2017.  Please check back soon. 

The event

Students have the option to stay on the Lampeter campus for the 5 days or attend any of the days.  This year we organized transport from the other campuses (Swansea and Carmarthen) every day for those who were attending on certain days. The event in 2016 was very successful as we had up to 70 people attending over the 5 day period.  This festival is a great opportunity to network with other students and form possible collaborations.

The festival is also a great social occasion where you can share your experience of research in an informal setting over lunch or dinner. There are also social events organized such as a trip to Aberaeon and a pub quiz.

The workshop topics include

  • Data Management
  • Research and Entrepreneurship
  • Academic writing skills for doctoral students
  • Qualitative research
  • Quantitative research
  • How to Present a Research Paper
  • Practice-Based Research
  • Writing for Publication
  • The Viva

There will also be a special student symposium during the festival where students will be invited to present their research.