Present Your Thesis, in 3 Minutes, with 1 Slide...

Three Minute Thesis challenges doctoral candidates to present a compelling spoken presentation on their research topic and its significance in just three minutes.

Did you know, a PhD thesis would take over ten hours to present? 3MT however challenges you explain yours in just 3 minutes with the aid of a single slide!

The presentation must be compelling and explain your research topic and its significance to a non-specialist audience. Thousands of PhD candidates do this around the UK (and World) every year, in what is becoming a prestigious and high profile event. 

UWTSD will run a competition through Faculty based events and at the postgraduate engagement fair, through which the winner will be entered into the national semi-finals, and if they are successful they will go on to the national final in Manchester, with their expenses paid to attend.


The judges' choice winner receives a £3K grant to spend on public engagement activity, sponsored by Research Councils UK and National Co-ordinating Centre for Public Engagement (NCCPE). This is an excellent opportunity for the recipient to promote their research and to enhance their professional development.

The People’s Choice winner wins the opportunity to present their talk in the famous Faraday Lecture Theatre in the Royal Institution of Great Britain as part of a night of expert speakers to celebrate the first year of on Feb 19th 2016.

Each of our six finalists receive a ThinkWrite training voucher towards a place on one of ThinkWrite’s Open Courses run in 2016-17. ThinkWrite has also awarded the five runners up a prize of £250 each.


UWTSD held the first round of the 3 min thesis competition in February, 2016.  It was run during the Postgraduate Engagement Fair.  It was a very successful event and there were entries from candidates from all UWTSD campuses. 

The winner of this year’s competition was Henri Kouam Tamto from the London Campus .  You can watch his entry on the following link:

The six National 3MT finalists 2016

View the videos of the 2016 finalists presenting to delegates at the annual Vitae International Researcher Development Conference

How do I prepare?

The best way to prepare for your presentation is to observe past winners of the competition. 

This link will help

Here is a guide to help you to create the perfect 3 min thesis presentation

The next competition here at UWTSD will be held next February at the Postgraduate Engagement Fair.  We will be in contact with all Postgraduates before Christmas.

Why should I participate?

Research, it’s often noted, isn’t research unless it’s published and effectively communicated. In this way, finding an audience for your research, and building partnerships and collaborations through the process of producing it, is now an essential aspect of the research endeavour, aimed at securing benefits (or ‘impact’) for society. 

This is covered in Domain D of the Researcher Development Framework: Engagement, Influence and Impact.   This ensures that you have the key competencies, not only to communicate effectively, but also to approach your work collaboratively and think through issues of its relationship to society, culture and citizenship.  Participating therefore will help you develop in:

  • (D2) Communication and dissemination (Communication methods, Communication media, Publication)
  • (D3) Engagement and Impact (Teaching, Public engagement, Enterprise, Policy, Society and culture, Global citizenship
  • (D1) Working with others Collegiality (Team working, People management, Supervision, Mentoring, Influence and leadership, Collaboration, Equality and diversity)

Further information and resources 

A archive of past competitions and winners is availble here