Arediou: Hidden Pasts

Hidden Pasts: Developing narratives for community archaeology and local history at Arediou, Cyprus

This project aims to raise awareness of the importance of archaeology within local communities through embedding these within their narratives of local histories.

Greek Version | Turkish Version

Our focus is the community of Arediou in central Cyprus, where a team of archaeologists from Lampeter (TSD) have been working since 2004.

It is hoped that exploring continuity between the ancient heritage and more recent histories at Arediou we will be able to develop and share a more holistic version of their cultural heritage and history together with the villagers.

A doorway to the ancient community of Arediou exists in ongoing excavations of a Late Bronze Age site. Alongside this we are exploring the more recent past at Arediou through the twin threads of oral histories and a photographic record of the disappearing, old mudbrick village.

The central theme of this project is continued community engagement with their archaeology for example through hands-on school visits and ultimately support for the creation of a visitors’ exhibition space.

The project is funded by the AHRC under the Care for the Future research scheme.