The Old Village

One of our key aims has been to record the remains of the old and abandoned mudbrick village. This has been an invaluable resource for the archaeological aspect of the project, giving us an understanding of traditional architectural techniques and helping with the artist’s impression of the ancient site.

The centre of village life has gradually moved west as the village has expanded. The old village and traditional mudbrick houses to the east have been gradually abandoned and are falling into disrepair, although many old houses scattered throughout the village are still occupied. Some houses have been restored and there is a wish to save others before they are lost. Nonetheless, there is also a very real worry that the younger generation is not interested in their local, Cypriot heritage.

Abandoned and graffitied house    Derelict house

Memories of the old way of life certainly persist in the older members of the community, who have a strong sense of pride in the traditional Cypriot way of the life. They have willingly shared memories of old farming practices, the use of space within the old houses and other aspects of a vanished way of life.

Priest's house, Arediou