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Creative Industries and Storytelling Research Hub

The Creative Industries and storytelling research Hub consists of a broad range of practitioners and academics. The focus of the research aims to critically investigate the relationship between academia and industry.

The hub consists of practitioners and academics situated within the practices of film, sound, storytelling, VFX, games, and animation. The differences between each practice are seen as a strength as it helps to question and challenge the strength of an idea from its inception to its end in performance or exhibition.

The ongoing dialogue between process and product is examined through individual and group practice-based research. This includes areas such as creating 3D representations of still life writing, working on biographical documentaries, and investigating the problematic relationship between new ‘technology’ and the traditional art of storytelling

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Practice as an idea is examined through the prism of the trinity of technology, creativity, and professional attributes. At its centre, the team asks the question of how we ensure that we produce relevant research and graduates that not only fit the needs of the creative industries today, but also produce work that can lead the next generation of creative practitioners.

The demarcation between traditional and contemporary storytelling is examined to understand better the border states between creating new practices and content, whilst understanding the audience's need to be captivated by big ideas told across a range of media.

The Creative Industries hub aims to forge new research across a range of activities and processes, such as new digital and virtual technologies, the cross-media exploitation of projects, and emerging business models that can target new revenue streams.

The Creative Industries Hub exists to support its members in research through practice. The research outcomes are disseminated through films, performances, exhibitions, symposia, publications, and pedagogic practices. 

The Hub welcomes enquiries, discussions, and opportunities for collaborative research.