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Creative Industries Research and Innovation Centre

The Creative Industries Research and Innovation Centre (CIRIC) was established in 2005 to build a sustainable knowledge exchange framework for researchers to engage with external businesses and collaborative partners and to extend the research base.

CIRIC has a proven track-record of successfully leading and participating in multi-partner EU-funded projects. Examples include Advance Communication Technologies (ACT), the Institute for Sustainable Design (ISD) and Moving Image Wales 2 (MIW2). These projects focussed on increasing the capacity for regional economic growth through the creation of innovative new products, processes and services. Funding enabled collaborative RD&I with Industry partners across a diverse spectrum of sectors.

At the European level, CIRIC pursued a successful strategy of participation in European cooperation and knowledge transfer through engagement in the EU’s Erasmus+ programme, under Key Action 2 Strategic Partnerships (Cooperation for Innovation and Exchange of Good Practices). The Arts and Humanities Entrepreneurship Hub, led by Dr Shelly Doolan, is an alliance of fourteen partners from seven European countries who work together to jointly research, design, test and disseminate entrepreneurial training for arts and humanities staff and students. This ongoing project will lead to the creation of an open-access website to complement the creation of seven entrepreneurship hubs to provide long-term support for art and design graduates.

Craft Hub and DeuS, also led by Dr Doolan are also multi-partner EU funded projects aimed at boosting creativity and enterprise amongst art and design practitioners by highlighting the transformative power of design and craft. DeuS is shaped around the Open Design School, the pillar project of Matera 2019, European Capital of Culture. The Open Design School is a design laboratory using a peer-to-peer approach, where professionals of any discipline work together sharing knowledge and expertise and testing the design solutions with the local community. The project is a partnership representing the following European countries - Austria, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Lithuania, Malta, Netherlands, Slovakia, and the United Kingdom. 

Craft Hub is funded by the Creative Europe programme with the aim of supporting ‘at risk’, ‘established’ and ‘emerging’ craft practices across partners and stakeholders in Wales, Scotland, Germany, Greece, Denmark, Norway and Portugal.

Catalyst, led by Chris Holtom, is a five partner Ireland-Wales transnational cooperation project (Interreg) involving centres in Wales and Ireland. This project focused on wellbeing and sustainability and has fed into the work of ATiC as well as seeding the development of legacy collaborations with our Irish partners.

CIRIC is developing further collaborative European-wide research projects with a wide network of Academic and Industry colleagues.

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