Dr Paul Jeff

Dr Paul Jeff is an experimental photographer and artist who has been working for over 20 years under various pseudonyms culminating in the fictional ‘intelligence’ unit, IPCRES – International Project Centre for Research into Events and Situations.

Dr Paul JeffHaving no interest in working under his own name or developing an individual artist identity/profile, Paul has worked variously as one half of the secretive Photography duo, Klanger & Boink, resplendent in ‘Ghostbuster’ style boiler suits and dark glasses, the subversive art and performance trio, Good Cop Bad Cop (black kilts), as well as stints with seminal Welsh experimental theatre companies, Brith Gof and Pearson/Brookes under the mentorship of Director Mike Pearson (mainly wearing the definitive black suit and tie).

As the shifting collaborative partnership Paul+a (where he often wore nothing at all) Paul developed (PhD) a new theory and practice of photography - Performed Photography, based upon the anti-representational concept of ‘Difference and Repetition’ developed by the philosopher, Gilles Deleuze (book in production).

Emerging once again as the anonymous ‘Director’ of IPCRES, this time in sharp Ben Sherman suits, Paul is interested in information. Together with a new co-operative, Laura Jenkins, the pair produce art as information, as suitable to the times, eschewing the designed art object/image and the written paper for creative concepts hidden in information files. These files are ‘shadowed’ by events, some of which may have occurred. The concept of photography has remained an oscillating constant and influences range from Mallarme to Francois Laruelle. All photographic files remain serial and non-decisional. 

Tel: 01792 481285
E-mail: paul.jeff@uwtsd.ac.uk

Full academic profile

Klanger & Boink:

Jeff, P. and McDonough, E. 2004. The Art of Veneer. In: ‘Body-construct’ - Live Art Through  the  Lens, Espaco Anexo gallery, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Group Show. (K&B)

Jeff, P. and McDonough, E. 2003. Stimulata at Galapagos,  Galapagos Gallery, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York. Group Show. (K&B)

Jeff, P. and McDonough, E. 2003. The Art of Veneer, Gallery Raskol Nicov, Dresden, Germany. (touring: Berlin, Frankfurt.) Group Show. (K&B)

Jeff, P. and McDonough, E. 1999. Portrait of a Girl with a Lovely Voice. In: Icons of Pop. National Portrait Gallery, London. Commissioned portrait of singer Cerys Matthews. Acquired for NPG collection. (K&B)

Jeff, P. and McDonough, E. 1992. Klanger & Boink Inc. Saatchi & SaatchiAdvertising Agency, London. Solo show (K&B)

Jeff, P. and McDonough, E. 1992.  The Desire to Sin Visually. British Fashion Week, Soho London. Exhibition in collaboration with designers Antoni & Alison. (K&B)

Jeff, P. and McDonough, E. 1992. . The Desire to Sin Visually In: ICI, Fox Talbot Awards, National Portrait Gallery, London. International Photography Awards – nominated and exhibited. (K&B)

Good Cop Bad Cop:

Jeff, P. Morgan, and RH. Rowley, J. 1996. Closing Down Sale, Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff. Performed Installation. (GCBC)

Jeff, P. Morgan, and RH. Rowley, J. 1998. Loop Arnolfini Arts Centre, Bristol. Site-specific performance. (GCBC)

Jeff, P. and Morgan, RH. 2002. Drinking Bacon Fat. Sherman Theatre, Cardiff.  Performance. (GCBC)

Jeff, P. and Morgan, RH. 2005. 4 Welsh feet of pedestrianism, 4 Radio 4. Two rural performances (unseen) documented and published by Wales Arts International. Platform. pp. 24-30, ISBN 0-9545130-4-5 (GCBC)

Jeff, P. Morgan, RH. and Rowley, J. 2005. UPS: Untitled plus Support. In: the proceedings of Experimentica International Performance Festival, Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff. 6 hour devised performance. (GCBC)

Jeff, P. and Morgan, RH. 2006.  Left Footers.  Strata Florida/Kells International Sculpture Festival. Wales and Ireland. Mobile sculptural performance. (GCBC)

Brith Gof/Pearson/Brookes:

Jeff, P. in McLucas, C. 1996. Sawl Bywyd, National Eisteddfod, Bro Maelor, Wales, 7 day performance with Brith Gof in which I simultaneously documented the performance from within and built a theatrical backdrop of 106 photographs (12’x24’) throughout the week.

Pearson/Brookes. 2001.  Carrying Lyn. Chapter Arts Centre/City of Cardiff. Site-Specific performance, Ensemble cast member.

Pearson/Brookes.2002.  Polis.  Chapter Arts Centre/City of Cardiff. Site-Specific performance, Ensemble cast member providing a performed photography contribution.

Pearson/Brookes. 2002. Rain Dogs. Chapter Arts Centre/City of Cardiff. Theatrical collaboration with writer Ed Thomas, Ensemble cast member.

Pearson/Brookes. 2004.  There’s somebody in the House..”, Phoenix Arts Centre, Exeter Univ. Symposium on Site Specific Performance. Site-specific performance. Ensemble cast member.

Jeff, P. and Pearson, M. 2005. TRAWS, In: Performance Studies International 11: ‘Becoming Uncomfortable’. Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island, USA. Joint paper.


Jeff, P. 2002. More Beautiful Than God. In: Source, Issue 32, pp. 4-10. Photography periodical, Belfast. (Paul+A)

Jeff, P. and Dillon, T. 2003. Gender Negotiations and the Problems of Translation, In:‘Practice as Research in Performance’ conference, Bristol University.  Performance/presentation (Paul+A)

Jeff, P. and Dowling, S. 2004.  Life is Perfect. Peterstone Court Hotel, Brecon. 24 hr. Hotel performance, (unwitnessed performed photography). Funded By The Arts Council of Wales. (Paul+A).

Jeff, P. 2005.  Life is Perfect. In: Source, Issue 44, pp. 10-19. Photography periodical, Belfast. (Paul+A)

Jeff, P. 2006. Life is Perfect.  FotoFreo 06: Freemantle Australia. International Photography Festival, Festival projection and talk given with Australian photographer Robert McFarlane. (Paul+A)

Jeff, P. 2006. More Beautiful Than God. In: 1+1=3. Contemporary British  Portraiture, Fotofreo Photography Festival, Fremantle, Australia. Selected group exhibition, curated by Susan Bright. (Paul+A)

Jeff, P. 2007. Performed Photography: A Practice. In: Unfolding the Cards: Art, Aesthetics and Education. The Institute for Educational Research, University of Oslo, Norway. Symposium paper + projections. (Paul+A)

Jeff, P. Sanchez, and M. Contini, E. 2007.  I Watched Her Until She Disappeared. Curfew Tower, Cushendall, N.Ireland. 7 day durational work in protest at the abductions and murders of young Mexican women in Juarez, Mexico. Funded by the Arts Council of Wales and ‘In You We Trust’. (Paul+A)

Jeff, P. and Sanchez, M. 2008.  I Watched Her until She Disappeared. University of Chihuahua, Mexico. Installation/exhibition of the originating work. (Paul+A).

Jeff, P. 2010. Photography and Participation. The Photographer’s Gallery, Soho, London. Public Talk. (Paul+A)

Jeff, P. Life Is Perfect. In: Pearson, M.  2010   Site-Specific Performance, pp: 183-6 (also 40-1, 77,96,162), London, Palgrave Macmillan. ISBN 0230576710 (Paul+A)

Jeff, P. Life Is Perfect. In: Bright, S.  2010   Auto Focus: Self-Portraiture in Contemporary  Photography, pp: 192-5 (183), London, Thames & Hudson. ISBN 978-0-500-54389-4 (Paul+A)


Jeff, P. et al, 2009, Conversion of Essence into Series.  Performative visual arts project with Swansea art and design students. 18 thetic events staged over 6 months based on Vermeer’s painting The Girl with the Pearl Earring. Swansea, Amsterdam, The Hague. (IPCRES)

Jeff, P. and Jenkins, L. 2010, The Conversion of Essence into Series: A Dance of Repetition from Vermeer to Leibniz. In: Proceedings of the 3rd International Deleuze Studies Conference, Amsterdam: Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis. Joint ‘performed’ Paper. (IPCRES)

Jeff, P. and Jenkins, L. 2011.  Protest Against Progress.  In:  Proceedings of the 4th International Deleuze Studies Conference, Copenhagen Business School. Performative Encounter. (IPCRES)

Jeff, P. and Jenkins, L. 2012, IPCRES Reading Ensemble. In: Proceedings of BOOK LIVE! International Book Symposium, London South Bank University.  Participatory performative encounter. (IPCRES)

Jeff, P. and Jenkins, L. 2012, The Conversion of Essence into Series. In: Performance Research journal:  (issue 17.5) ‘On Duration’ Ed. by Prof Ed Scheer, Univ. of New South Wales, Australia. Creative paper. (IPCRES)

Jeff, P. and Jenkins, L. 2013. IPCRES Reading Ensemble. In: The Book is Alive! Eds. Waeckerle, E. and Sawdon Smith, R. Published by RGAP, Manchester. pp. 168-171, 197. creative paper. ISBN 978-0-9569024-5-0 (IPCRES)

Jeff, P. and Jenkins, L. 2014. Coupled, In Proceedings of Double Dialogues conference – Precursors into the Future. Hosted, Cardiff University, Cardiff. Organised by Double Dialogues periodical, Deakin University, Australia. (IPCRES)

Jeff, P. and Jenkins, L. 2015. The IPCRES Collider Experiment, (accepted to November conference) The Dark Precursor – International Conference on Deleuze and Artistic Research. Orpheus Institute, Ghent, Belgium. (IPCRES) Failed to turn up.


Published and exhibited internationally and featured on television in the UK and United States.

Worked commercially for publications such as Time Out and The Sunday Times.

Designed pop videos and produced album cover work including Marc Almond.

Commissioned portraits for figures such as singer Cerys Matthews and actress Anna Friel.

Designed television and stage sets for ITV and S4C.

Advertising commissions for brands such as Apple Tango and Wrangler Jeans.

Featured in published books on both photography and performance studies (see cv)

Work in collections of National Portrait Gallery and National Media Museum, Bradford.

Developed a new genre of photographic practice as a cross over with performance ( Performed Photography ).

Currently collaborating with Norwegian composer Prof. Magnar Am on a conceptual project on the transmission of Welsh culture through choral music. A new piece of choral music (for 3 choirs after Thomas Tallis) has been composed to the specifications of the research question, and we hope to produce an event to perform the piece incorporating choirs in Swansea, Norway and Belgium through simultaneous electronic transmission for audiences in each location and across the internet. The event is being produced under the auspices of the Swansea International Festival and institutions involved are Swansea College of Art (UWTSD), Volda University, Norway, and The Orpheus Institute, Ghent, Belgium. This is an experimental work and it is hoped to upgrade the collaboration through funding applications on its conclusion.