Dr Marilyn Allen is an artist, writer, and lecturer. Allen’s recent praxis involves collaborating with technology to examine how meaning is distributed between human and digital voices. Allen explores the potential for new narrative flows to be produced through the anomalies generated between the human voice and computational voice recognition systems.

Allen describes this process as enacting ‘word events’ which generate a speculative space for the intensification of language. The diverse iterations and interactions adopted by Allen are a methodological approach to facilitate the synthesis of different voices and agencies.

E-mail: marilyn.allen1@uwtsd.ac.uk 

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Journal Articles

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Allen, M. Parapoetics and the Digital Absurd (performance paper), Digi-Mediated Culture (symposium), May 2019, Swansea College of Art

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PhD thesis 

Three is a crowd: A potential exception to an oppositional rule


Allen, M. 2021, Sonnet 100, Textshop Editions, ISBN: 978-1736465813 http://textshopexperiments.org/textshopeditions