Shellie Holden

BA(Hons), MA, PhD, FHEA, Programme Leader MA Textiles, Lecturer Foundation Art & Design

Shellie Holden is an artist, researcher, (PhD candidate) and lecturer.

Holden works in an inter- disciplinary way, as a Conceptual Textile Practitioner. 

The practice handles its material theoretically and practically, whilst experimenting through and beyond the textile to demonstrate how haptic potentialities and “matrixial” encounters can converge as a web of proximities/possibilities. 

Reinforced by the current pandemic, the institute of home has become increasingly ‘occupied’ - both as a work space and space of work providing a place to apply a post - feminist critique on contemporary domestic life. Here, technologies tacitly and tactically coincide to conceptually create a place/space of play and performance, whereby the handling of its resources is capable of creating a comical, sometimes ludic insight into life indoors.

This emerges from transactions between the members of this close- knit society so that the tangential ecology of home spun crafting manifests in the storytelling of contemporary digital and virtual cultures.

The aim here is to establish a mediation between textile, digital and virtual materialities to produce new knowledge/information.

Recent work has toyed with the idea of mythological and cultural entanglements, employing what it ‘to hand’ to construct responses in the immediate ‘Domesti_space’ (practitioners  neologisms).

Tel: 01792 481000

Holden, S. How the (Sticky) Zed key led to an encounter through the digital, (paper),
Digi-Mediated Culture (symposium), May 2019, Swansea College of Art.

Shellie Holden, From the authentic to the synthetic – mapping membrane in the Native Alaskan Gut Parka (research paper and visual essay), Textile and Place, Conference Manchester, 12-13 April 2018

Sticky Key, (instillation), Reading Room, Digi-Mediated Culture, May 2019, Swansea College of Art, 2018

Resolutions and Transformations: Recreating an Alaskan Parka, Window Installation, CAA, London, Jan - March 2015

Drawing - the 50/50 rule: a group exhibition featuring work by lecturers on the Foundation Art & Design course at UWTSD, September 2014

Spaces for Making, A ‘Maker in Focus’ site specific instillation for the Mission Gallery Swansea, 20th May- 29th June 2014

Concepts for a Domestic Space: Shellie Holden and Kath Clewett, pop up project space, November 2013

Everyone Everything group exhibition featuring work by lecturers on the Foundation Art & Design course at UWTSD, the Ragged School, Swansea September 2013

Mapping the Future: Where Are You Now? Textile Forum South West, at The Brewhouse Theatre and Arts Centre, Taunton, 23 February – 24 March 2012

Make Believe, New Work, New Worlds, invited by Frankworks, at the Zetter Hotel, London, October 2009

Origin, The London Craft Fair presented by The Crafts Council at Somerset House 7-19 October 2008

Studio Space, Contemporary Applied Arts, London, 26 April - 18 June 2006

Window Galleries @ Canary Wharf, Pop up shop, London, 2006

Foyer Piece, Crafts Council Gallery Shop, 2006

Chelsea Crafts Fair, presented by The Crafts Council, Chelsea, Old Town Hall, London, 2005

Collect – The London Art Fair, at Victoria and Albert Museum, London. Represented by Lesley Craze Gallery, London 2005

Focus, New Maker Exhibition at Contemporary Applied Arts, London, 2004

Solo show at Lesley Craze Textiles Gallery, London, 2003

SOFA Chicago, represented by The Crafts Council at Navy Pier, Chicago, 2003

Chelsea Crafts Fair, presented by The Crafts Council Chelsea, Old Town Hall, London, 2002

The Fifth Baltic Biennial of Weavers Miniature Textiles, Gdynia, Poland, 2001

Fab-Rick, Stroud House Gallery, Gloucestershire, 2001

Art Council Wales Individual Project Grant, 2009 – 2010.
Arts and Humanities Research Council Award, 'Professional Preparation Master's Scheme', 2005
Chelsea Craft Fair, First Time Exhibitor Award. 200Princes Trust Development Award, Business Grant’, 2001

Member of Hybrid and Applied Art Research Group.

‘In conversation’ – Angela Maddock and Shellie Holden, Maker in Focus at The Mission Gallery, June 2014

‘Words or Walls’ – Invite by exhibition CIVIC curator Bella Kerr. Saturday Table Talk with CIVIC contributors Catriona Ryan and Lindsay Halton, and panel members Caroline Humphreys, Steph Mastoris, Shellie Holden and chairperson Ciara Healy, 24 May 2014.

In consultation with Kevin McCloud and Commissioned by Optomen television for Channel 4 to re-make the original Native Alaskan Parka. Featured on ‘Kevin McCloud’s Man Made Home’ S2-Ep4, October 13th 2013.

In consultation with Polly Leonard, Editor Selvedge Magazine.  

Feature: Sealed and Delivered, The Ingenious Native Alaskan Parka, p58, Issue 61, 2013

Feature: Nose to Tail, Recreating an Alaskan Parka, p60, Issue 61, 2013


In consultation with Arts in Health. Commission for new artwork and workshops, Queen Mary’s hospital, Roehampton, London.  Research project using the library archive to reconstruct surgical procedure as paper textile, 2005.

Assistant Project Director, Deptford X, London, 2008

Event Coordinator, Origin: The London Art Fair, London, 2007

Programme Coordinator, COLLECTion, The Crafts Council, 2007

Speaker, open exhibition at Swansea Museum for Contex Art, Swansea, July 2013

Speaker, Professional Development day lecture for Origin: the London Craft Fair at Craft in the Bay, Cardiff, 2009

Fine Art Hub

(Re)stitching discourse, 2018

(Re)stitching discourse, 2018

Still of Fuzzy Film: 12.59, 2020

Still of Fuzzy Film: 12.59, 2020

Wrestling with himself_2020

Wrestling with himself_2020