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Dr Joseph Keenan

Associate Lecturer in Psychology, Aberystwyth University

Dr. Joseph Keenan completed both his BSc (Econ) and Ph.D. within the Psychology Department at Aberystwyth University, where he remains employed as a lecturer. His area of specialism focuses on the use of technology to support health care provision in rural areas. His thesis focused on the use of telehealth to support the provision of palliative care in Ceredigion, Wales. Qualitative methods were adopted to explore the perceptions of health care professionals and experiences of patients.

Dr. Keenan presents the findings of his research project, focusing on the experiences of palliative care patients who accessed psychosocial support through the medium of telehealth. These findings include how patients were able to form trusting and supportive relationships with health care professionals, and perceived satisfaction of their needs for autonomy due to them assuming a more active role in their health care.

See Joseph's presentation: Exploring patient experiences of accessing psychological support through telehealth