Dr Catriona Ryan

Dr Catriona Ryan is an Irish poet and academic. She has an international reputation for her work in Irish fiction and theatre.

Dr Catriona Ryan workIn 2012 Catriona published a book on the work of Tom Mac intyre which was hailed by the distinguished professor of English literature at Glasgow university as a ‘pioneering work of criticism’. He said she is the first academic to bridge the gap between Yeats and Joyce.   Catriona is a world authority on the work of the Irish writer, Tom Mac Intyre. 

For that research Catriona developed a new critical theory, paleo-postmodernism which Maley praised and Catriona uses in other areas. Catriona has also developed a poetry writing process called ‘Transmorphic Hermeneutics’ which was nominated for the Ted Hughes Poetry  Award.

She has used it with successfully with artists and is now applying that interdisciplinary research into architecture. Catriona's research interests  are literature, creative writing, visual aesthetics, architecture and theory.


Ryan, Catriona, Border States in the Work of Tom Mac Intyre: A Paleo-Postmodern Perspective.  (Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2012).

(It has received excellent critical reviews.  The most recent being Professor Willy Maley’s review in the current edition of the peer-reviewed Litteraria Pragensia where he has referred to it as being a ‘pioneering work of criticism.’  See Maley, W. (2013) Review of: Catriona Ryan, Border States in the Work of Tom MacIntyre: A Paleo-Postmodern Perspective. Litteraria Pragensia: Studies in Literature and Culture, 22 (44). pp. 131-134. ISSN 0862-8424)

I am in the process of writing a proposal for a monograph with Palgrave/Macmillan on paleo-postmodernism.  The commissioning editor, Paula Kennedy, has expressed an interest.

Edited collections:

  • Ryan, Catriona ed., Writing From the Margins: The Aesthetics of Disruption in the Irish Short Story.  (Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2015)  (It includes an essay by the late Seamus Heaney).

 Book Chapters:

  • Ryan, Catriona, ‘Oedipal Desire in Mac Intyre’s The Great Hunger: A Paleo-Postmodern Perspective’ in The Theatre of Tom Mac Intyre: Strays from the Ether. Ed. Bernadette Sweeney and Marie Kelly,  (Dublin: Carysfort Press, 2010). 
  • Ryan, Catriona, ‘Performing Nationhood in Tom Mac Intyre’s Only an Apple: A Paleo Postmodern Reading’ in Changes in Contemporary Ireland: Texts and Contexts.  Ed.Catherine Rees, (Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars Press 2013). 
  • Ryan, Catriona, ‘Paleo-Postmodern Disruption in Mac Intyre’s Short Prose’ in Writing From the Margins: The Aesthetics of Disruption in the Irish Short Story.  Ed.  Catriona Ryan, (Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2015)
  • Ryan, Catriona, ‘Introduction: Experimentation in the Irish Short Story’ in Writing From the Margins: The Aesthetics of Disruption in the Irish Short Story.  Ed.  Catriona Ryan, (Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2015)
  • Ryan, Catriona, ‘James Joyce’s The Dead and Paleo-Postmodernism:A Lacanian/Jungian Reading.’  Proceedings from the Jung/Lacan conference at Cambridge.  The organisers are currently negotiating a contract with an established publisher for a collection of essays that will represent the proceedings of the Cambridge conference 2017.

 Journal Articles:

  • Ryan, Catriona.  ‘Paleo-Postmodern Disruption in Tom Mac Intyre’s The Harper’s Turn’ Journal of the Short Story in English / Les Cahiers de la nouvelle.  Presses de l'Université d'Angers, n°64, 2016.
  • Ryan, Catriona.  ‘A Paleo-Postmodern Analysis of James Joyce’s “The Dead”: A Jungian Perspective’ in Human Nature: Proceedings of Arts and Humanities Postgraduate Conference Swansea University. ‘Ed. Jed Chandler, Mariana Dussin and Emily Vanderplong. Swansea University, 2011.


Ryan, Catriona.  ‘The Robin’ & ‘The Wild August Hill’ (poetry)  ENVOI(Gwynedd: Cinnamon Press, February, 2014).


Ryan, Catriona (Curator) “Alchemy of Place” subsection of the main “Lyric One” exhibition.  Explored different responses to the poetry of Dylan Thomas.  Mission Gallery, Swansea, October 2014.  My methodology and research behind this exhibition was nominated for the Ted Hughes Poetry Award by Cinnamon Press in 2014.

Ryan, Catriona (Held a series of poetry workshops)  “CIVIC” Exhibition.  Explored correlations between poetry and architecture.  Mission Gallery. April-May, 2014.

Ryan, Catriona. Poetry Workshop-as part of an Art Installation entitled ‘Keeper’  by Bella Kerr, Mission Gallery, Swansea May 2013.  I gave a 3 hour poetry workshop as part of a 3 week conceptual art installation created by the artist Bella Kerr.


National University of Ireland, Cork.  New and Experimental Poetry

  • Initiated, designed and organised the first Literature conference on neo-modernism in Ireland.  It is now a major international festival called ‘Soundeye.’  http://www.soundeye.org/a-festival-of-the-arts-of-the-word.  The significance of the first conference has been discussed by leading academics in Irish literature such as Alex Davis in his monograph A Broken Line: Denis Devlin and Irish Poetic Modernism and John Goodby in his work Irish Poetry Since 1950: From History Into Stillness. 1998.
  • University of WalesPostgraduate Conference, Gregynog.  Paper Title: The Poetics of Tom Mac Intyre.  2006.
  • University College GlasgowFrom Tone to Gonne.  Paper Title:  Yeats and the Influence of the Occult in his Experimental Poetics.  2007.
  • Trinity College DublinIrish Modernism.  Paper Title: The Poetics of Tom Mac Intyre 2007.
  • National University of Ireland, Dublin. International Association for Irish Studies Conference. Paper Title: The Poetics of Tom Mac Intyre.  2007.
  • Swansea University. Trauma and Sublime Conference.  Paper Title: A Paleo-Postmodern Interpretation of Tom Mac Intyre's ‘The Great Hunger.’  2008.
  • Loughborough UniversityIrish Studies Conference.  Paper Title: The Poetics of Tom Mac Intyre. 2009.
  • Invited paper. National University of Ireland, Maynooth.  International Association for Irish Studies. Paper title: Paleo-Postmodernism and a Representation of the West of Ireland in James Joyce.  2010.
  • Swansea University.  Human Nature ConferencePaper Title: Spiritual Existentialism and Eckhart Tolle: The Desire to Transcend Form in the Fiction of Beckett, Joyce and Tom Mac Intyre. 2010.
  • Swansea University.  A Conference on John Mc Gahern.  Paper Title: The Novels of John Mc Gahern: A Kafkaesque Perspective.  2011.
  • Oxford University.  Interdisciplinary.net.  Paper Title:  Orchestrated Objective Reduction Structuralism. 2013
  • Cambridge University.  Jung Lacan Conference. Paper Title:   A Paleo Postmodern Reading of James Joyce’s ‘The Dead.’  2014
  • Swansea University.  Centenary Conference on Dylan Thomas.  Paper Title: A Transmorphic Hermenuetic analysis of Dylan Thomas’s Poetry. 2014

Exhibition catalogues:

“Alchemy of Place”  catalogue from the Alchemy of Place exhibition in 2014.

  • Currently working with 4 universities on my research into ‘Transmorphic Hermeneutics’ poetry method and its application to architecture.  Those universities are Nottingham University, Cambridge University, Cardiff University and Newcastle University.
  • Currently working with a number of universities on the Jazz Heritage Wales research group.  We are organising an international conference in 2017.  Those universities include The University of South Wales, Cork University, Swansea University and the Open University.  We will be editing a collaborative collection of essays from this conference.
  • Currently working with a colleague at Warwick University on developing post-postmodernism as a theory.  We are looking a publications for this.
  • Collaborated with the Mission Gallery to curate the ‘Alchemy of Place’ exhibition in 2014.
  • In the process of becoming Series Editor for Cambridge Scholar Publishers.

Received £1000 from the Welsh Arts Council for the Civic exhibition.

Currently AHRC Application for Transmorphic Hermeneutics is ongoing.

Member of:

IASIL: International Association for Irish Studies

BAIS: British Association for Irish Studies

ISTR: Irish Society for Theatre Research