Prof. Andy Penaluna PhD Cert. Ed. FRSA. FEEUK

Andy is a Professor of Creative Entrepreneurship and Director of the International Institute for Creative Entrepreneurship. He also chairs the University’s Enterprise and Employability Skills Enhancement Group on behalf of the Learning and Teaching Committee.

An international thought leader in developing enterprising creativity through education, Andy has advised Welsh Assembly and Westminster Governments, is an expert at the United Nations in Geneva, has led discussions at the European Commission, developed teacher training for 8 countries in South East Europe, and was commissioned by the OECD to write international education policy guidance. Funded by the World Bank, he also led the development of what is believed to be the world’s first integrated (compulsory) school curriculum for innovation and entrepreneurship in Macedonia (FYROM).

Andy received the Queens Award for Enterprise Promotion at Buckingham Palace in 2015 and in 2016 he was named as one of the UK’s top 100 ‘Maserati ‘ entrepreneurs. In 2014 SFEDI (Sector Skills) and the Institute for Entrepreneurs named him their Enterprise Educator of the Year in the House of Lords.

Other roles include:

American University in Cairo - Distinguished Visiting Professor
University of Leeds - Visiting Professor
Royal College of Art - Visiting Fellow

Andy always acknowledges that his approach to teaching enterprise is heavily reliant on the help he receives from an extensive 30+ year network of alumni at Swansea College of Art, and that it was they who motivated him to become a more entrepreneurial educator.

Tel: +44 (0) 1792 481000

Full academic profile

Andy has made over 50 policy-related presentations and contributions and authored nearly 70 peer reviewed conference and academic journal contributions, including the following examples:

Selected UK / International Education Policy Guidance outputs

Penaluna, A & Penaluna, K. (2015) Entrepreneurial Education in Practice: Part 2 – Building Motivations and Competencies. Paris: Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). Available online 

Polenalovik, R. ,Penaluna, A., Penaluna, K., McCallum, E., Brentnall, C., Jones, C. Suteveski, D., Stankovska, I., Polenakovikj, L., Jovanoski B. and Velkovski, T. (2015), How to teach entrepreneurship? What, why, when and who? (Translated from Macedonian) Skopje: Ministry of Education in the Republic of Macedonia. (The World Bank - Developed as part of the project: “Skills Development And Innovation Support Project - SDISP”).

Anderson, S., Culkin, N., Penaluna, A and Smith, K. (2014) ‘An Educational System fit for an Entrepreneur’, All Party Parliamentary Group on Micro Business – Education (at all levels) policy sub group. Houses of Parliament. Launched by David Willets - Minister for Universities and Science on 12 March 2013 and presented to Parliament on behalf of the APPG authorial team - alongside Anne Marie Morris MP (Chair of APPG), Ben Gummer MP (Con – PPS to Michael Gove, Minister for Education), Simon Danzcuk MP (Lab) and Gordon Birtwistle MP (Lib). 12 February 2014. Available online 

Mugione, F & Penaluna, A. (2014) Formation et Accompagnement a l’ Entrepreneuriat des Juenes Diplomés en Algeria: Formation de Formatuers pour developer les aptitudes des jeunes entrepreneurs. Geneva: United Nations Conference on Trade and Development / United Nations Institute for Training and Research.

Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (2012) – Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Education: Guidance for UK Higher Education Providers (Chair of Advisory Group). September 2012, Gloucester: QAA ISBN / ISSN: 978 1 84979 692 7. Available online 

Penaluna, A. (2011) Teaching Creative Entrepreneurship - UNITED NATIONS CONFERENCE ON TRADE AND DEVELOPMENT (UNCTAD) - MULTI-YEAR EXPERT MEETING on Enterprise development policies and capacity-building in science, technology and innovation. Geneva, Palais des Nations, Salle XXVI, 19-21 Jan. Available online

Penaluna, A., Price, A. & Smith K. (2010) The IEEC Concordat (policy document for Welsh Assembly and Westminster Governments). Enterprise Educators UK / National Council for Graduate Entrepreneurship.

Selected Book Chapters (Peer Reviewed)

Mugione, F. and Penaluna, A. (2016) Developing and Evaluating Enhanced Innovative Thinking Skills in Learners. Chapter 7, “Entrepreneurial Learning City Regions: Delivering on the UNESCO 2013, Beijing Declaration on Building Learning Cities”. James, J., Preece, J and Valdes-Cotera , R. (eds) Springer / UNESCO.

Penaluna, A & Penaluna, K., (2016) Putting the Horse before the Cart: Understanding Creativity and Enterprising Behaviours. Chapter for Azzazy, H., Rizk, N and Zoheir, N. (eds) American University in Cairo – Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Reshaping the Future of Egypt.

Penaluna, A., Penaluna, K and Diago, I. (2014) The Role of Creativity in Entrepreneurship Education. Chapter 13, “Handbook of Research on Entrepreneurship and Creativity” Sternberg, R & Krauss, G. (Eds) Cheltenham / Northampton MA: Edward Elgar Publishing Limited

Penaluna, A & Penaluna, K., (2011) The Evidence So Far: Calling for Creative Industries Engagement With Entrepreneurship Education Policy and Development. In Entrepreneurship and the Creative Economy: Process, Policy and Practice, Colette Henry & Anne de Bruin (eds). Edward Elgar Publications

Selected Journal Contributions (Peer Reviewed)

Scott, J., Penaluna, A., Thompson, J (2016) "A critical perspective on learning outcomes and the effectiveness of experiential approaches in entrepreneurship education: Do we innovate or implement?", Education + Training, Vol. 58 Iss: 1, pp.82 - 93

Penaluna, K. Penaluna, A., Usei, C. and Griffiths, D. (2015) Enterprise Education Needs Enterprising Educators: A Case Study on Teacher Training Provision, Education +Training, Emerald, Vol 57, 8/9, 948-963

Jones, P., Penaluna, A. and Pittaway, L. (2014) Entrepreneurship Education: a recipe for change? International Journal of Management Education, Special Issue: 12(3): 304-306.

Rae, D., Matlay, H., McGowan, P., Penaluna, A. (2014) ‘Freedom or Prescription: The Case for Curriculum Guidance in Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Education’, Industry & Higher Education, Vol.8, No.6, December 2014: 387 - 398

Penaluna, K., Penaluna, A., Jones, C. and Matlay, H. (2014) ‘When did you last predict a good idea?: Exploring the case of assessing creativity through learning outcomes’, Industry and Higher Education, Vol.8, No.6, December 2014: 399 – 410

Penaluna, A., Coates J. and Penaluna K., (2011) Creativity-Based Assessment and Neural Understandings: A Discussion and Case Study Analysis. Education + Training, Emerald Publishing, Volume 52, Issue 8/9, pp. 660 – 678

Penaluna, A. & Penaluna, K. (2009) Assessing Creativity; drawing from the experience of the UK’s Creative Design Educators. Education + Training, Emerald Publishing, Volume 51, Numbers 8-9, pp. 718-732

Penaluna, A. & Penaluna, K. (2009) Creativity in Business, Business in Creativity, transdisciplinary curricula as an enabling strategy in enterprise education? Special issue of Industry and Higher Education on ‘Entrepreneurship Education in an international context’ Vol 23, No. 3

The following national and international policy development roles have resulted from research activities:

United Nations Conference on Trade and Development – Expert speaker and research supervisor, including UN’s Chief of Entrepreneurship sabbatical year at UWTSD.

European Commission DG Enterprise / DG Education and Culture – Expert policy contributor, ‘Grand Temoin’, policy author, draft policy reviewer and cited researcher.

European Commission’s Joint Research Centre – Expert contributor / author of pan European ‘EntreComp’ Citizen’s Framework. (Following selection as one of only two ‘best practice’ Universities in Europe for CARSA Review on ‘A Sense of Initiative and Entrepreneurship’.

Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) – Education policy author, draft policy reviewer and cited researcher.

British Council – Expert Speaker (Croatia, Macedonia, Tunisia and India).

Westminster Government - Policy author, cited researcher and chair / contributor to Westminster forum proceedngs.

Department for Business Innovation and Skills – Range of advisory Panels including ‘The Wilson Review of University Business Collaboration (2012). Cited in BIS ‘Students at the Heart of the System’ Higher Education policy review as the World’s first Professor of Creative Entrepreneurship. Presented to Parliament by the Secretary of State for Business Innovation and Skills. June 2011).

Welsh Government - Policy author, education leader, researcher and cited researcher.

Department for Education and Skills, Welsh Government - Essential Employability Skills – Practitioner Qualification Development Group and Essential Employability Skills – Steering Group.

Government of Macedonia / World Bank – Project leader on national compulsory curriculum for all schools – Innovation and Entrepreneurship Curriculum and Teacher Training.

South East European Centre for Entrepreneurship – Project leader on teacher training for: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, FYRO Macedonia, Kosovo*, Montenegro, Serbia and Turkey.

Higher Education Academy – Chair of Special Interest Group in Entrepreneurial Learning (2007-12) and academic co-chair of China UK consortium.

Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education – Chair, Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Guidance Group.

2016 – 2018
Research and Dissemination lead
Welsh Government Youth Entrepreneurship

2015 – 2017
Lead Academic
Erasmus+ Eco System App
Entrepreneurship education development across all levels and sectors / supporting educators to engage with entrepreneurs.

2011 – 2016
Consultancies include:
World Bank / Republic of Macedonia Ministry of Education and Science / European Commission / OECD / South East European Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning.

Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education – Chair, Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Guidance Group. Leading UK Universities / stakeholder group to develop educator guidance.

Enterprise Educators UK (100+ HEI network) – Elected Chair of UK University Network (2011-12) and Director responsible for Internationalization (2012-15).

Higher Education Academy – UK Academic lead on Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Education.

UK Intellectual Property Office. Researcher / collaborator in Research and Education Development.

Visiting Roles at American University in Cairo, University of Leeds, Royal College of Art.

PhD Supervision includes: University of Cambridge and Stanford University.

PhD External Examiner (x5) at: Birmingham City University, Northumbria University, Plymouth University University of South Wales and Cardiff Metropolitan University. Forthcoming at Edinburgh Napier University and

PhD Examination Panel Member, Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

Academic Advisory roles for: Birmingham University, Sheffield University and Leeds Becket University.

Academic lead on ‘ideation’ – as part of SetSquared’s ‘Researcher to Innovator Programme’. Universities of Bath, Bristol, Exeter, Surrey and Southampton. SetSquared are the world’s number 1 incubator for student spin-out businesses.

Academic Journal Paper Reviewer, including:

• International Journal of Management Education (IJME - Editorial Board member)
• Industry + Higher Education (Editorial Board Member)
• Guest Editor - International Journal of Management Education SI Entrepreneurship in Education: A recipe for change?
• Guest Editor - American Journal of Entrepreneurship SI in Entrepreneurship Education: Regional Policy and Practice
• International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behaviour and Research (IJEBR)
• Journal of Small Business and Entrepreneurship - The Journal of the Canadian Council for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (JSBE)
• Journal of Small Business and Enterprise Development (JSBED)
• International Journal of Entrepreneurship Education (IJEE
• Edward Elgar Publications
• African Journal of Agricultural Research (Intrapreneurship)
• International Small Business Journal (ISBJ) - Special Issue 'Leading from the Edge: Pioneering Entrepreneurial Behaviour'.
• International Small Business Journal (ISJB)
• Emerald Publishing (Literati Member)
• Routledge Publishing
• Pearson Publishing