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Call for Papers- Crafts Connecting Architecture – Architecture Connecting Crafts, The Building Centre, London, 24 November 2017.  Closing Date for Abstracts: 28th July 2017

A one day conference convened by Professor Lesley Millar, Director of the International Textile Research Centre, Professor Simon Olding, Director of the Crafts Study Centre, and Allan Atlee, Head of the Canterbury School of Architecture, University for the Creative Arts

The conference will explore how works of craft engage with modern and contemporary architecture through the interiors and exteriors of buildings and the spaces between buildings. It will enable a reflection on the ways that architecture makes demands of craft and its makers, or even rejects craft.

We are calling for up to six 20 minute illustrated papers that ask a range of questions from ‘what is current practice’, ‘why is it happening’, what is the recent history and why did it occur’ where is work happening now and is it effective…and how do we know’. And where does craft and architecture fail?

We invite papers from makers across all fields of craft practice; artisans; architects; interior designers, historians, theorists and researchers.

We will invite two keynote speakers: an architect and a maker.

Abstracts (250-300 words) should be sent jointly to: and


INTERSECTIONS // Collaborations in Textile Design Research // Loughborough University London // 13 September 2017

‘INTERSECTIONS’ explores the theme of collaboration in Textile Design Research through a number of contributed case studies and collaborative work.

We are delighted to announce Keynote speakers Annie Warburton, Creative Director at the Crafts Council and Jessica Hemmings, Professor of Crafts & Vice-Prefekt of Research at the Academy of Design & Crafts (HDK), University of Gothenburg, Sweden.

The exhibition Preview will take place on the evening of the Conference and the Exhibition will also be open on 14 September.

Conference website and information


Call for conference papers: ServDes.2018 - Service Design Proof of Concept, Politecnico di Milano, Milano, June 18-20, 2018. Deadline 6 November

ServDes is the premier international research conference exploring service design and service innovation. ServDes.2018 is organised by the Design System of Politecnico di Milano, which comprises the Department of Design, the School of Design and the Consortium

The theme of ServDes.2018 is “Service Design Proof of Concept”.

Service Design can no longer be considered an ‘emerging discipline’. Though recent and in continuous evolution, it is now consolidated enough to be assessed and reviewed in terms of effectiveness and impact on economy and society: how far has the logic of services (and of Service Design culture) influenced the different domains of innovation and value creation? How much has this been truly integrated into the innovation process of private and public sectors? How effectively has this been understood, evaluated and discussed? How far have digital technologies and media been influencing service design and delivery?

Initially, Service Design mainly concentrated on the paradigm shift from designing the materiality of objects to focusing on immaterial experiences, interfaces, interactions, and strategies. Thus, for some decades attention has been paid to the changing role and competencies of the designer, and to the establishment of Service Design as a discipline in its own right, despite its multi-disciplinary approach which includes management, ethnography, sociology, and organizational studies, to mention but a few.

Now it is time to validate and review the models, processes and practices developed and used in the service design ecosystem, from its academic community to practitioners, companies and organizations at large.

The overarching scope of the conference is to reflect on the evolution and impact that this discipline and practice has made in different fields and sectors. To do this, ServDes2018 will create an opportunity firstly for sharing thoughts and experiences among scholars, practitioners and organisations, and secondly, to discuss service design in terms of proof of concept and the extent to which public and private organizations are ready to embed service design into their processes.

The main areas of discussion for the conference will be organised into the following tracks:

  1. Learning and practicing
  2. Sharing and collaborating
  3. Measuring and evaluating
  4. Governing and evidencing
  5. Producing, distributing and organising
  6. Experiencing and shaping
  7. Community and relationship building
  8. Envisioning and evolving

Authors are invited to submit a full paper up to 5000 words addressing these tracks.

Submitted contributions will be subject to double-blind peer review.

Accepted contributions will be published electronically in open access in the conference proceedings edited by Linköping University Electronic Press.

For more information click here


DESIGN 2018 - The 15th INTERNATIONAL DESIGN CONFERENCE (May 2018, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Deadline for papers: 11 December 2017 

The forthcoming DESIGN 2018 Conference will continue to be a great event founded on tradition and excellence. Although we live in a networked world communicating and exchanging ideas by emails, virtual meetings and social networks DESIGN 2018 conference will provide invaluable opportunity to meet colleagues face-to-face, to exchange new ideas and build a personal network in a direct contacts.

We invite high-quality submissions for DESIGN 2018 covering substantial, original and previously unpublished research. Applied, theoretical and results-oriented papers from both academia and industry, based on thorough analysis or argumentation will be considered for the conference programme.

The full DESIGN 2018 CfP for download is available here

Submissions should fit into one of the proposed conference topics:


Important Dates:
Online submission will open on July 1, 2017

  • Full paper submission deadline: December 11, 2017
  • Final acceptance of papers: February 23, 2018
  • Publish ready papers: March 19, 2018
  • Final conference program: April 2018

For submission instructions click here


Moving Images – Static Spaces: Architectures, Media, Film, Communication, Digital Art and Design. 12-13 April 2018, Altinbaş Foundation / Istanbul Kemerburgaz University

Abstract Submissions: 30 January 2018

Early submissions accepted before 01 June 2017


The relationship between architecture, urban environments and the moving image is deep rooted. It is also mutating. Born in the City Symphony films of the early 20th it was premised on the dynamic and mobile representation of buildings, streets and cities. Caught on celluloid, these architectures were the setting of news-reels and documentaries. They were also settings projected on screen and presented like never before. This complex relationship continues today with interiors, architecture and cities still forming backdrops to action and being the subject of feature films, documentaries, news broadcasts and TV.

Today, however, moving imagery and architecture coexist in multiple other worlds too: iphone screens and locative media; YouTube ‘news’ streaming of war torn cites; virtual reality spaces explored through headsets and haptic sensors; the animated environments of Second Life; the fantastical settings of the gaming industry; fly-through representations of architectural projects; and the real-time algorithmic formation of parametric architecture on a computer screen. This complex traditional and new scenario will be explored at this event.

This conference is international.

It is expressly interdisciplinary.

It welcomes various disciplines: architects, urban designers, press and media specialists, filmmakers, animators, video artists, sociologists, cinematographers, interior designers, journalists, cultural theorists and more.

Potential themes include, but are not limited to:

The representation of cities in film and TV; the metropolis of documentaries, news broadcasts and social media; the creation of animated environments and augmented realities; gaming, architecture and the city; film as a design tool for architects and planners; projection mapping and the moving surfaces of the city; the interactive geography of the moving image; the fictions of film and architecture; virtual reality and the navigation of digitally created environments…


FILM / VIDEO: Reflecting the theme of the conference delegates are encouraged to present their research through pre-recorded films/videos. These films will be published on the event’s YOUTUBE channel and will be available permanently after the conference.

SKYPE: Also reflecting the virtual and mediated theme of the event, delegates are encouraged to present via skype or similar.

Nb. Both film and skype options eliminate the need for delegates to travel to the conference in Turkey.

IN PERSON: In addition to seeking filmic and the virtual presentations, delegates are also welcome to attend the event in person and present directly.

In all cases, delegates can present full written papers and abstracts and will be considered for inclusion in all associated conference publications.

Presentations: Length of film / skype / in person presentation – 20 mins.

Written Papers: Full written papers should be 3,000 words maximum 

Further information here


PARADE  - Publication and Research in Art, Architecture, Design and Environments is an interdisciplinary collaboration between universities and publishers internationally. Call for abstracts: Deadline 30 January 2018 

Artists, designers, filmmakers, journalists, media and communications specialists, architects, urban designers and more are welcome.

Themes: media, communications, film, digital technologies, and the built environment.

Moving Images – Static Spaces? The blurring of Architectures, Film, Animation, Digital Art, Coding and Design

Dates: 12-13 April 2018
Place: Istanbul Kemerburgaz University / Altinbaş Foundation
Publishers include: Routledge Taylor&Francis; UCL Press; Intellect Books; Libri Publishing; Vernon Press.
Universities include: University of East London; the University of Arizona; Abu Dhabi University and Istanbul Kemerburgaz University.

Delegates can attend in person or present virtually, avoiding the need for travel:

FILM / VIDEO: Pre-recorded films published on the event’s YOUTUBE channel
SKYPE: This option allows delegates to engage with the audience directly through Q&A.
IN PERSON: Delegates are also welcome to attend the event and present in-person.

In all cases, delegates can present full written papers for the associated publications. The primary publication related to this event is the Intellect Books series, The Mediated City.