Colin Telford

My first contact with glass, a material which at that time I had no idea I was going to have a long team relationship with, was at Reigate school of art. There I began my training in the medieval art of stained glass which I continued when accepted onto the course at Swansea. It was a medium which I loved but never really felt comfortable with. It wasn’t until I began to take an interest in Architecture that I realised there was more to this wonderful material than leaded glass. Architecture showed that this fragile material could be incredibly strong, a material which could control light or let it flood in, but what really hit me was the effect it could generate on the interior space.

My work is now not so much about the object I am creating but more about the relationship it has on the environment around it. To polish an edge so it casts a stream of colour, pierce the surface and let light paint on the interior canvas of the building or the manipulation of a shadow as the sun moves across the glass façade. For me only glass has these properties and when mastered can have stunning effects on the viewer.