The trade networks of the Roman Empire

Dr Matthew Cobb

Dr Cobb’s research examines the cultural and economic interaction between the Mediterranean and Indian spheres. In particular the Indian Ocean as a conduit for trade and exchange between West and East, focusing on the Augustan period up to the third century AD. This research encompasses a number of areas including economic issues relating to the cost, conduct, and operations of the trade; cultural and social issues concerning the identity and status of the merchants and the creation of diaspora and temporary merchant communities in foreign lands; as well as examining the social and economic impact of this trade on the elite at Rome, particularly the consumption of eastern goods.

This aspect of our impact strategy is embedded in the University’s wider Wales Heritage Academy, a flagship initiative that seeks to support tourism and heritage within Wales for both economic and cultural benefit. A key approach is to offer training, research and practical support to the Welsh Heritage sector by supporting tourism and communities in areas such as interpretation, ancient history, Roman archaeology, built environment, the arts and culture.

Through the work in this research area the School has active research links and collaborations with researchers throughout Europe 

Available soon

The Reception and Consumption of Eastern Goods in Roman Society, Greece & Rome. (Vol 60, 1. 2013)

The Exchange of Goods from Italy to India during the Early Roman Empire – The Range of Travelling Times, Ancient West & East (to appear shortly in the 2014 volume).