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Centre for Research in Education and Pedagogy (CREP)

Work in CREP focuses on six education-facing research strands comprising groups of research active staff. These strands are defined thematically, include research activity currently underway and direct planning for future research activity. CREP also includes Canolfan Peniarth, one of the leading creators and publishers of Welsh and bilingual educational books and resources in Wales.

Research in Arts, Creativity and Education explores both notions of creativity within the new national curriculum for Wales and professional learning to support creative pedagogies. 

Pedagogy, Curriculum and Progression focuses research on enhancing understanding about progression in learning, with specific reference to the new national curriculum for Wales, and relevance internationally, and includes the CAMAU project.

Early Years research focuses on early learning and attachment, and issues of professional learning and policy for the ECEC sector, and engages with practice-facing partners to ensure the direct impact on pedagogies adopted across the region.

Professional Learning and Pedagogical Enquiry in Education involves a research programme tied to the multiple school-based partnerships that are part of this stream of activity in which professional approaches to pedagogical enquiry in school settings are developed. Ongoing work explores change in initial teacher education (ITE), and the development of metacognition in the primary years. 

Research in Languages, Literacy and Communication has a focus on matters of language, communication and bilingualism nationally and internationally.  Examples include the bilingual development of the new curriculum for Wales and work in the field of European minority languages, focussing on media, the creative and cultural sectors, translation and language policy and practice. 

Research in Social Justice and Wellbeing explores well-being through a social justice lens, promoting equitable and sustainable societies and communities. Practice-facing research partnerships are local and international, having impact in both contexts; for example, research undertaken with Harvard University PEARS institute in a bilingual secondary school in Wales was used to underpin the school’s programme of well-being and resilience with pupils.

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