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Research in Early Years

Research related to the early years of children’s lives is undertaken across Yr Athrofa and has a focus on all aspects of children’s learning and development from 0-8.

Early Years Researchers within Yr Athrofa have also gained specific skills linked to undertaking research including training using observational scales such as ECERS and SSTEW.

This diverse range of skills allows Yr Athrofa to support a variety of different research projects and to have a unique understanding of the holistic nature of child development and early years practice.

Recent work includes research on sustained shared thinking and emotional wellbeing and environment, critical consideration of the professed aims for outdoor learning in the early years, children’s responses to outdoor space within primary settings, and a study on the Daily Mile initiative on the health outcomes of children living in areas of socioeconomic disadvantage.  Other research has produced new understandings on teachers’ knowledge and attitudes about attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder and research on attachment, for example training on children’s development and adult responsiveness to children’s needs

For further information, contact: Natalie Macdonald on: natalie.macdonald@uwtsd.ac.uk