Our work grows from a long tradition of research and practice in the field of languages at UWTSD. We follow in the footsteps of inspirational educators such as Jac L Williams and Norah Isaac, after whom the Early Childhood teaching block on the Carmarthen campus is named.

Modern Education in an Ancient Culture 

When Norah Isaac became head teacher of the first Welsh-medium school in Wales eighty years ago, she adopted the motto: Addysg Fodern mewn Hen Ddiwylliant/ Modern Education in an Ancient Culture. As a corner stone of the curriculum at this groundbreaking school, she recognised the importance of multiple language learning and introduced her primary school pupils to a second and third language. This multilingual worldview informs our work

In Successful Futures, the framework for a new school curriculum for Wales, one of the six Areas of Learning and Experience is given the triple-barrelled title: Languages, Literacy and Communication. However, its remit also includes Literature. Taking our cue from this, the Athrofa works towards redefining the way we look at language in education in Wales and explores the link between these elements.