The ministry of education film experiment

This project explores how ‘creative learning’ is articulated in the current educational context in Wales, focusing on one of the Regional Arts and Education Networks as a case study, in order to answer the following research question: how are the benefits of Creative Learning through the Arts (Welsh Government, 2015) articulated through a case study Regional Arts and Education Network?

The dataset was generated between December 2017 and May 2018, and comprises three distinct research activities: document analysis, observations of case study professional learning workshops and interviews with Arts Champions employed through the case study Network.

Funder: Arts Council of Wales

Forthcoming Publications:

Southern, A. (under review) The Power of Creative Learning through the Arts: Economic Imperative or Social Good?

Southern, A. (under review) Defining creativity in context: wellbeing and recognition in an arts and education professional learning programme.

Information on the Regional Arts and Education Networks can be found on the Arts Council of Wales website