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Pedagogy, Curriculum and Progression

High quality educational research and enquiry can inspire and transform educational opportunities.

At a time of great change to the curriculum in Wales, staff across Yr Athrofa are researching aspects of curriculum development and progression. This focuses on enhancing understanding of progression in learning with specific reference to the Curriculum for Wales.  As Kirsty Williams, AM states:

‘Our schools are changing, education in Wales is changing and I’m confident that our national mission is well on course to deliver the wholesale reforms that we need. One of the most significant and wide-reaching of these changes is the new curriculum. Over 200 pioneer schools across Wales are involved in developing six different Areas of Learning and Experience. This work includes embedding digital competence into all areas of teaching and learning and supporting teachers to develop the new curriculum.’

The work includes the CAMAU project, a collaboration between UWTSD and the University of Glasgow, which worked with a national network of 64 Pioneer Schools, researchers and policy makers to use empirical research evidence to describe learner progression in the new curriculum. The applied research activity, and associated reports, have had a direct impact on the articulation of progression for learners aged 3 to 16 in the Curriculum for Wales. Members of the collaboration team have disseminated the research key international fora including the British and the Australian Education Research Association conferences and presented in associated blogs and journals. We recognise that being research-informed, and developing knowledge and skills to become research-literate professionals is important. So, you can also find information here about how the Athrofa research team can support you in your own research.   Find out more below.