The School of Psychology has a strong and exciting research profile in areas of applied and experimental psychology.

Whilst our broad level of expertise covers many areas of psychology, specific research specialisms include: 

Health Psychology, Psychosocial Oncology and Genetics

Research within the School of Psychology includes projects in the areas of health psychology that are focused around understanding how psychological responses to health risks and illness may be influenced by a range of social, emotional and cognitive factors, and the development and evaluation of psychological interventions. Research projects include:

  • The C:EVOLVE project: The development and evaluation of an online counselling intervention for young people affected by cancer (funded by Tenovus the Cancer Charity);
  • Exploring quality of life, stress and coping in families with children with developmental disabilities.

Staff with research interests in this area:

Intervention Development and Evaluation

The School of Psychology has a range of expertise in the development and evaluation of interventions designed to improve health and wellbeing. Recent/current projects within this area include funded and staff research, such as:

  • An evaluation of an eco-therapy based intervention for people affected by cancer (funded by Tenovus the Cancer Charity);
  • An evaluation of the impact of specialist equipment for children with neurodevelopmental conditions on quality of life;
  • In addition, the School of Psychology has a number of staff who are registered practitioners in psychological personality testing.

Staff with research interests in this area:

Social Psychology

Research in this area includes:

  • Prejudice and discrimination; attitudes towards immigration; and perceptions of cultural in-groups and out-groups. This covers a wide variety of exploration, such as other-race and same-race issues; European immigration; and perception of nationality. Current research studies being carried out within the Psychology department are:
    • Attitudes towards European and non-European migration;
    • Racial aspects of immigration;
    • Perception of Muslims in UK society.
  • Political and media psychology, focusing upon public understanding of health and science, including how the media influences attitudes and decision-making, particularly decisions involving political attitudes, and how the general population understand and respond to political information. Recent projects in this area include:
    • Exploring the ways in which the media present information about government changes to the organ donation legislation in Wales and subsequent attitudes to organ donation (funded by Welsh Government).

Staff with research interests in this area:

Mental Health and Wellbeing

Research in this area focuses on understanding the psychosocial and emotional dimensions of wellbeing. For instance, current projects explore first-person accounts of recovery from mental health problems (e.g. eating disorders, alcohol use disorders). We also have research activity examining conditions conducive to positive mental health outcomes. Projects in this area include:

  • Stress management and coping interventions for patient and non-patient populations;
  • Working with Dementia Friendly Swansea;
  • The role of alexithymia and emotional expression in substance use disorders
  • Men’s experience of happiness (in collaboration with Dr Virginia Eatough, Birkbeck University of London)
  • Contemporary spirituality and health (in collaboration with Dr Bettina Schmidt, Religious Experience Research Centre)
  • Young men’s recovery and self-change from substance use disorder
  • The meaning of compulsive exercise in women with anorexia nervosa (in collaboration with Dr Liv Kolnes, Norwegian School of Sports Sciences, Oslo)
  • The experience of autism: A family perspective (in collaboration with Patricia Ibanez, Universidad de La Frontera, Chile)

Staff with research interests in this area:

  • Dr Lymarie Rodriguez-Morales
  • Dr Ceri Phelps
  • Zoe Cooke (Research Assistant)

Learning and Teaching in Higher Education

The School of Psychology has an interest in numerous areas of education regarding the psychological abilities of students; the impact of learning environments upon students; and student engagement with learning. Recent projects have included:

  • HEA-funded project exploring the use of virtual learning environments in HE for enhancing student engagement;
  • An analysis of the Life Design student personal development programme, funded by University of Wales Trinity Saint David;
  • Evaluation of Electronic Feedback Folders – intended to improve students’ use of feedback to enhance learning and attainment.

Staff with research interests in this area: