Swansea Coast

The Coastal and Marine Research Group (CMRG) is located within the School of Architecture, Built and Natural Environments, one of four Schools in the Faculty of Architecture, Computing and Engineering.

CERFCMRG aims to offer national/international research leadership and collaboration, set new research agendas, and offer significant methodological innovation via four strategic themes: (i) coastal and marine processes; (ii) climate change and sea level rise; (iii) cultural use; (iv) coastal and marine conservation and management. This is evidenced by Horizon 2020 Operation CLIC Europe application to: Disaster resilience and climate change, call reference H2020-DRS-9-2014 (for further details see Useful Links below). If successful, Professors Mike Phillips, Peter Quantick, Simon Haslett and Dr Rhian Jenkins will be UWTSD’s team.

The aims and objectives of CMRG are to:

  • research coastal and marine management strategies from physical and cultural environment perspectives;

  • develop new tools/techniques to inform policy;

  • understand natural and anthropogenic change to the coastal and marine environment, including erosion, climate change fects and sea level rise;

  • develop environmental indicators for sustainable use of coastal and marine resources;

  • undertake national and international collaborative research;

  • disseminate research outcomes via high quality journal publications, conferences and popular media.

To find out more about the aims and objectives of CMRG, contact: mike.phillips@sm.uwtsd.ac.uk

Staff participating in this research group include:

  • CERF
    Coastal Education & Research Foundation INC 
    Automated Sensing Technology for Coastal Monitoring