Emeritus Professor

Professor Andrew Fleming MA (Cambridge) FSA Scot

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Modern History & Medieval Studies

E-mail: andrewfleming43@btinternet.com 


A prehistorian and landscape archaeologist, I have retired from teaching in the department – which gives me an opportunity to get on with fieldwork and writing! My work in landscape archaeology has resulted in The Dartmoor Reaves (Batsford 1988, second, colour edition Windgather Press 2007), Swaledale: valley of the wild river (Edinburgh University Press 1998), and  St Kilda and the wider world: tales of an iconic island, published by Windgather Press in 2005.  Windgather Press are to publish a colour edition of Swaledale in March 2010.  In 2007, with Richard Hingley, I edited the prehistoric and Roman volume of the volume marking the 50th anniversary of W. G. Hoskins’s The Making of the English Landscape (see below).

I am currently doing fieldwork in two areas. On Dartmoor I am working with Rosamond Faith, the expert on early medieval agriculture (among other things), looking for pre-Conquest ring-fenced farms, and also investigating early medieval roads. In mid-Wales I have been studying the Monks’ Trod, a constructed road through the Cambrian Mountains linking the Cistercian monasteries of Strata Florida and Abbey Cwmhir, and I am extending this work in further interesting directions.  I am also working on the survival of wood-pasture in mid Wales and the Welsh Marches, and its implications for landscape history in the region.

Following my recent critiques of post-processual landscape archaeology, I also hope to publish some of my ideas about future directions for landscape archaeology and landscape history.

I am now no longer living in the Lampeter area, and may be contacted at: andrewfleming43@btinternet.com 


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