Roderic Bowen Ship

One of our exciting and internationally important research resources is the Roderic Bowen Research Centre, which throws unique light onto the history of western societies and their relationship with non-European cultures.

The core of our collection comprises manuscript items donated to the library during the 1820s and 1830s as part of a foundation collection of books, by Bishop Thomas Burgess, Dr Thomas Bowdler and Thomas Phillips.

Earliest works include facsimiles of Ancient Egyptian papyri, Mayan codices and illuminated manuscripts. Important Renaissance and Enlightenment works from the age of geographic and scientific discovery form a major part of our collection, as well as unique and personal World War I diaries. Hidden amongst these are rare gems, many of which still await discovery and investigation.

We encourage our students (Undergraduate and Postgraduate alike) to explore this resource in their own studies and research.

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