KYKNOS, the Swansea and Lampeter Centre for Research on the Narrative Literatures of the Ancient World, was founded in December 2004. KYKNOS has established itself as a leading international centre.

It has a very active research seminar series and has organised a large number of conferences and panels. Its associate members represent a variety of institutions worldwide.

Magdalena Ohrman is the leading members of staff working within KYKNOS from Trinity Saint David. James Richardson, Kyle Erickson and Errietta Bissa are also associated members through their research on historiographical narratives. At the same time, the School of Classics provides a home for KYKNOS researchers and associate members worldwide. Dr Meriel Jones, a founding member of KYKNOS, is an Honorary Research Fellow in the School.

The School of Classics has co-organised and hosted a number of successful KYKNOS conferences: The Erotics of Narrative, Hymns as Narrative and the Narratology of Hymns and Fragmented Narrative: the Narratology of the Letter and Epistolary Literature in Ancient Greek Literature.