Centre for Professional Learning and Leadership

The Athrofa: Institute of Education and Humanities is a young institute within an old university with a long and distinguished history in teacher education in Wales.

The Athrofa’s Centre for Professional Learning and Leadership works with schools, colleges and other regional and national partners to develop professional learning, to maximise access to and engagement with university research, and offer flexible models to support the accreditation and recognition of professional learning programmes and experiences.

The Centre is led by Anna Brychan and supported by staff from across Yr Athrofa: Institute of Education and Humanities, and the university’s Wales Academy for Professional Practice and Applied Research (WAPPaR).

  The New Opportunity to Lead. Wales: Trinity Saint David Educational Pledge

"Our aim is to work with our professional partners to create confident, reflective learning communities…we [will] adapt our expertise in the area of work-based learning and competency based accreditation to develop innovative accredited professional programmes which will be delivered in a school setting."

"We will develop, in partnership with the profession, a new model of school centred professional teacher education."

Kirsty Williams, Minister for Education National Assembly for Wales plenary session 13.11.18

"I am committed to developing a national approach to career-long professional learning that builds capacity from initial teacher education and is embedded in evidence-based research and effective collaboration. […]

We are expecting a profound transformation in the way our practitioners and leaders think about their professional learning in light of the new curriculum, and we need to provide support to schools to enable them to make this step change".

The professional learning offer also includes:

Doctorate in Education (EdD):

The Professional Doctorate in Education is ideal for anyone who is working in school or in an education-related capacity and has the desire for higher level applied academic study and practice-oriented research.

The programme has been designed with working educators in mind, with online and distance learning supported by two face-to-face day long learning events each semester.

More information is available on our pages or by email: RegistryAdmissions@uwtsd.ac.uk

MA Education: 3 Years (part-time)

With options for exit awards for shorter programmes including:

  • Postgraduate Diploma Education: 2 years (part-time)
  • Postgraduate Certificate Education: 1 Year (part-time)
  • Postgraduate Certificate Education (Additional Learning Needs): 1 Year (part-time)

These programmes include module options on leadership, curriculum and pedagogical inquiry.

More information from: junnine.thomas-walters@uwtsd.ac.uk / lesley.morgan@uwtsd.ac.uk

MRes in Creative Learning:

A three-year part-time programme.

This programme will equip you with the skills and knowledge to apply design thinking and critical thought to the planning, implementation and evaluation of curricular experiences for children and young people or adult learners. You will be able to interrogate research and to conduct robust evaluation of practice. It offers:

  • Opportunities to learn with arts and design practitioners
  • Practice-oriented modules in Thinking Differently, Creative Dialogues, and Research Perspectives, and an opportunity for independent, practice-based research
  • An opportunity to undertake research to meet the needs of your educational setting

More information available from A.Southern@uwtsd.ac.uk

Graduate Certificate in Leadership (1 year part-time)

This programme is designed to:

  • Develop current and future leaders
  • Create opportunities for the development of innovation in practice for the new curriculum. 
  • Establish communities for research through networking and collaboration.

Graduate Certificate in Professional Learning: Science, English or Mathematics (1 year part-time)

This programme is designed to:

  • Up-skill current teaching staff
  • Engage in school-based subject research
  • Offer opportunities for networking and collaboration

Graduate Diploma in Professional Learning: Severe, Profound & Multiple Learning Difficulties (2 years part-time)

This programme is designed to:

  • Up-skill current teaching staff.
  • Engage in school-based research.
  • Offer opportunities for networking and collaboration.
  • Offer the possibility of progressing to future Master’s qualifications

More information available from sue.pellew-james@uwtsd.ac.uk / lesley.morgan@uwtsd.ac.uk

Joint programmes with Bangor University and the regional education consortia:

The Athrofa: Institute of Education and Humanities also jointly accredits professional learning programmes with Bangor University. The universities work in partnership with the regional education consortia to accredit a suite of professional learning programmes for leaders in schools. The programmes currently include the following:

  • The new and acting headteachers programme. Successful completion of the accredited pathway leads to an MSc qualification.
  • The Experienced Headteacher programme. Successful completion of the accredited pathway leads to an EdD qualification.

Information on these programmes is available from the education consortia – Erw, Gwe, CSC or EAS.