Computer Networks and Communications

A core research group in this area is centred on the work of  Dr Carlene Campbell, Dr Kapilan Radhakrishnan, and Prof Ian Wells. Research expertise is centred on the following areas

  • The realisation of complex digital systems using integrated circuit synthesis technologies.
  • Matlab , Simulink, Xilinx, VHDL, Cisco IOS, OPNET Modeller.
  • Wireless Network, Protocols and Security: Ad-hoc, Sensor and Mesh Networks
  • Multichannel single radio for Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Multichannel multiple radio over Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Multimedia data (video, voice etc) over wireless surveillance system
  • Cognitive Radio (software defined radio) and Wireless Networks
  • Computer Networks and Systems Security

The ASTEC (Automated Sensing Technologies for Coastal Monitoring) project  for example focused on  Coastal erosion and the maritime environment. The group is now expanding its research into terrestrial sensor networks designed for environmental monitoring.