Led by INSPIRE, the Research and Impact Accelerator Programme (RIAP) supports the delivery of the University’s Research and Innovation Strategy.

Supported by Research Wales Innovation Funding, the programme has the following eight  strands:

  1. Research Development Awards
  2. Early Career Research Development Awards
  3. Conference Attendance Awards
  4. Early Career Conference Attendance Awards
  5. Impact Accelerator Account
  6. International Collaboration Fund
  7. Researcher Skills Fund
  8. Impact and Engagement Ambassadors

Details of each strand and how to apply can be downloaded in the RIAP funding guide and in the documents below.

To comply with UWTSD procurement procedures, please do not try to claim funds retrospectively. An application form should be submitted before any purchase is made.

Application Deadlines

Applications are currently closed. Please contact INSPIRE for details on future calls.

Research and Innovation Strategy

All applications should be aligned to the UWTSD Research and Innovation Strategy, which is available on the UWTSD MyDay page here:  UWTSD Research and Innovation Strategy 2022-2027.pdf

Contact us

Before making an application, we advise you to discuss your ideas with the INSPIRE who will be pleased to advise and support:

  • Dr Matt Briggs. Head of Research Development.
  • Dr Laura Stowe-Evans. Executive Researcher Development Officer
  • Gareth Thomas. Executive Research Development Officer.
  • Gary Clifford. Executive Director of Commercialisation search Development Division,

 Application Forms

Research Development Awards (established route)

Research Development Awards are designed to provide flexible support for academic staff to develop high quality research funding applications.  The primary purpose of the funds are to provide extended periods of research leave, typically up to three months’ full-time in which to prepare grant applications. External bid development support is also available to applicants.

Early Career Research Development Awards 

 These awards will provide flexible support for academic staff to develop high quality research outputs, and to engage in other activities that will develop their research profile and ability to bid for external research funding. 

Conference Attendance Awards

The purpose of Conference Attendance Awards is to develop the collaborative networks of the University’s research staff and to increase the number and quality of grant applications submitted. To meet these purposes, applications are invited from academic staff who are presenting a paper based on an ongoing programme of research.

Early Career Conference Attendance Awards

 These awards will provide opportunities for Early Career Research staff to build their academic networks and learn first-hand about emergent research developments in their fields. Unlike the established route, applicants will not need to deliver a paper, but should be able to demonstrate a clear development opportunity from attending the event.

Impact Accelerator Account

Impact Accelerator Accounts are intended to support activities that strengthen the University’s relationships with strategic external partners, maximise the potential for research impact in any sector, and drive commercialisation prospects from University research.  The awards are a commitment by the University to support staff to initiate high-quality knowledge exchange, engagement and impact generation. Two awards are available, the Support Award (£1000 - £5000) and Growth Awards (£5,000 - £15,000).

International Collaboration Fund

Welsh Government has launched the Taith scheme, which provides important support for developing international collaborative capacity in research and knowledge exchange. The International Collaboration Award is available to co-finance activity under Pathway 1, Research Mobility, which will support the physical outward and inward mobility of early career and established researchers.  To access this fund please apply through the UWTSD Taith programme.

Researcher Skills Fund

Alongside embedded core researcher development opportunities, the Researcher Skills Fund provides flexible and responsive support for more specialist or ad hoc opportunities. These might include, but are not limited to, funding to support research-specific coaching, research leadership training, specialist software or other training, and supporting the creation and delivery of research events. 

To comply with UWTSD procurement procedures, please do not try to claim funds retrospectively. An application form should be submitted before any purchase is made.

Impact and Engagement Ambassadors

The Impact and Engagement Ambassador is a new cross-departmental role that will formally unite the University’s ‘change-makers’ with INSPIRE. In each academic year 22/23, 23/24 and 24/25, up to twenty members of staff will be appointed into a two-year ambassador role, a strategic role that will complement one of INSPIRE’s four operating divisions. Applications will be announced annually.


Successful applicants should compete the Award Report form no later than one month from the end of the award.

Evaluation and scoring criteria for applications are available in the following document: