Connected to the Local Community


UWTSD’s predecessor institutions were created by the people, for the people.

Community engagement is still at the heart of our ethos. It presents an opportunity to create a two-way relationship that benefits the community and the University’s students. Working with community groups and third-sector organisations, UWTSD has secured funding to develop a number of projects and initiatives across the city, particularly in the Communities First areas covering the Townhill and Castle Wards.  We are committed to continue this relationship in existing areas.  

SA1 Swansea Waterfront will allow UWTSD to extend these community activities by developing new relationships in other areas of the city, areas such as the St. Thomas Ward.

“The change in our young people’s confidence in the past year is unbelievable.  The University has played a huge role in supporting them and empowering them.”

Rhodri Thomas, The Spark Centre, Blaenymaes