School and College Talks

Students With Hands

We are committed to working with schools and colleges and offer a range of sessions that will benefit yourselves and your students.

We offer an extensive range of presentations and workshops. Our activities aim to inform participants about UWTSD courses as well as support and guide students through applications to Higher Education. We also support you as teachers and careers advisors as you guide them through the process. 

As well as our team of staff, we also have a group of enthusiastic and highly trained Student Ambassadors who are able to deliver talks about student life at UWTSD.

All our sessions can be adapted to suit specific requirements. All presentations are available in English, Welsh or bilingually please specify on booking.

Please see below a list of the current available presentations and workshops.

UWTSD has developed dramatically over the past few years. This presentation outlines our journey to date and direction for the future. It will give an overview of the courses we offer as well as a taste of the extra-curricular activities we offer here at the University.

Outlines the benefits of studying at university including, career, financial, social and academic.

Target: Year 11/12/13

An insight into what it's really like at university. Members of the Schools and Colleges Liaison Team and Student Ambassadors deliver an interactive presentation and answer those important questions about University Life. Including advice on adjusting to life at university, Meeting people and managing financially to make the transition easier and clearer for your students.

A guide to all things finance to ensure students have a clear understanding of how to manage their finances on the lead up to starting University as well as budgeting and financial management during their studies. This workshop will include presentations on loans, bursaries and scholarships, and interactive workshops on budgeting to ensure students learn to manage their money while enjoying University life.

Target: Year 12/13

A comprehensive guide to filling in the UCAS form and advice about the application process. It focuses on the personal statement and what admissions tutors are looking for.

Target: Year 12/13

During this session we will ensure students have the knowledge to prepare and be successful in their University admissions interview. This interactive session will include presentations on how to prepare for the interview. Mock interviews can also be arranged as part of this session.

This workshop will guide students through the UCAS application process and give them the tools they need to assist them as they start their journey to higher education. They will leave with the knowledge of the Who? What? Why and When? Including a jargon busting session of all key UCAS and higher education terms. All they need to ensure the application process and next step to higher education is a breeze.

At UWTSD we are proud to be able to offer a bilingual/Welsh medium provision. This presentation is suitable for students who wish to study partially or fully through the medium of Welsh. We will provide students with information on the benefits of studying in Welsh, What courses are available and the financial incentives such as scholarships and bursaries.